What can you carry in the Alexa?

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  1. i keep reading threads about how the alexa isn't for everyday wear, and not for carrying heavy stuff (is the worry that the handle/it's hardware breaks?). i'm just wondering what you do carry in it?

    i have a few bags that i would rotate, but i usually switch every week or so. i like to carry: wallet, cell phone, book, a couple cosmetic items, and occasionally (1-2x per week), a thin 12" laptop that weighs about 2 lbs. would that be too much for the alexa to carry? i love the look of this bag, but as i'm currently dealing with quality issues with my current (non-mulberry) bag, i don't want a repeat of the disappointment!
  2. You should be ok. I put my 13inch MacBook in mine, and that was too much for it. I would say no to the laptop AND a big heavy book, but a small laptop/netbook and a paperback really should be fine.
  3. Not a bag made for carrying heavy things. Perhaps the OS alexa will be better to carry a laptop, but I find even adding a small paperback adds to the strain and weight.
  4. I usually carry my long lock wallet, two pouches, an eReader and my phone in my regular Alexa. But at times I have also had my medium filofax, a book, a magazine and an umbrella in there too without any difficulties.
    The laptop may be an issue though - im trying to picture how big yours is and it might be ok. Your best bet might be to go to a store and try out the bag with your stuff in it. That will give you a better idea of the capacity.
  5. All of my Faults have not been with the quality of the actual leather, so I think it can take a bit more than we think.

    I carry a heavy wallet, A5 diary, ipod and make up bag as my core items. there's often some water in there, sometimes a few CDs, a paperback/magazine.

    If there's too much in there it's a bit uncomfortable as the strap isn't very wide.
  6. thanks all, that helps! i should've specified i'm thinking of the OS alexa, not the regular size. sounds like it would be okay for my needs.