What can you actually carry in picotins?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been pouring over the previous threads and drooling over pictures of picotins. I've discovered the measurements for both the PM and GM, but I am one of those people who need to conceptualize what can actually go inside a bag. I was hoping that those who own picotins could enlightening me on what you can comfortably carry in them.

    In general, I have to carry a book (hardcover or paperback), small umbrella, keys, blackberry, cell phone, iTouch, small coin pouch, small makeup pouch, and an occassional pair of flats. Would a GM be better suited for me? I know that some people are not used to the wider base of the GM, but I adore my YSL Downtown tote which has a pretty wide base.

    Thank you so much for you time!! :flowers:
  2. I'll snap some pictures of my picotin "full". I went to a shower on Sunday and carried my Louboutins in it, as well as a bunch of stuff! I have the GM model. Very roomy.
  3. This is the picotin PM, which I just got yesterday. I loaded ALL my stuff that I usually bring with me. The PM was full, but it did fit my:

    Large Gucci Wallet - 7"x4"x1.5"
    Cosmetic Case - 7.5"x4"x1.5"
    Gucci Sunnies case - 4"x2.5".1.5"
    Small Calendar/planner
    Small Cologne case

    If it were to be an everyday purse, I would have probably gotten the picotin in the MM or GM size. But I wanted something I could just fit my necessities (wallet, phone, lipstick and face powder for my shiny nose!) for quick trips or shopping expeditions where I don't need something bulky in the way.

    Good luck with your choice!
  4. As marose28's photo illustrates, these bags can hold LOTS!

    Here is mine, carrying:

    - Smythson wallet (like a trifold Bearn, in terms of size)
    - GM karo
    - PM karo (I keep my keys in this)
    - zip globetrotter
    - calvi card carse
    - bastia coin purse
    - PM Ulysse

    ...and a pair of *size 42* Louboutin heels. So not just a pair of shoes - but a GIANT SIZE pair of shoes!

    I also usually toss my blackberry in on top.

    I don't usually carry heels around; they definitely add volume to the bag (which the action shots show). I was not able to *comfortably* put the picotin straps over my shoulder, with this much stuff in it. It definitely felt bulkier than usual.

    picotinopen.jpg picotinunloaded.jpg picotinon.jpg picotinbulky.jpg picotin1.jpg
  5. ^ ps all of those photos show the picotin loaded with all of that stuff.
  6. Oh I love it, piaffe!!!! I REALLY want one now! I think it would be a great lil bag to put my babies' things in for quick trips to the store instead of lugging around a bigger bag for their things every time! Do u mind me asking how much ur GM size was?
  7. Wow piaffe... I am in love with your picotin! I love the color and the size. Another bag added to the wish list... *sigh*
  8. The GM was $2995 CND (including tax) - definitely cheaper in the US.

    This is what I call my "momming around" bag, and it's a fabulous chic, casual bag that you can not worry about. But for when I push the stroller or chase a toddler, and need to be completely hands-free, I wear the Massai messenger style.

    I think we need a "mom bags" thread!
  9. Piaffe, everytime i see you post pictures of your picotin, i have to add praises. You look fantastic with it, and the things you put in it are all so beautiful.:love: I :heart: your taste.

    I have the same shoes in a different color. :P
  10. Really loved these shots, thanks ladies!
  11. Thank you piaffe and marose28 for your pictures! It really helps! :flowers:
  12. We definitely need a moms' bags thread, piaffe!

    Good luck, SuLi! What colors/leathers are you considering?
  13. ^ Honestly, I just started thinking about them today :angel:. I'm going to Paris for my honeymoon next spring, and I am trying to decide whether I would like to buy my first Chanel bag or something Hermes as my one treat. I'm still learning a lot about different leathers and such. It's all a little overwhelming...but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. I really love etoupe. I would love a nice neutral tone, but one that goes with navy and grey since they dominate my wardrobe.
  14. Piaffe, you look so chic carrying your larger Picotin. Just have one question, do you every worry about things falling out? That has always kept me from this bag. Maitai also looks great with hers. You two girls are a real inspiration to get one!
  15. Me too me too! I just completed paying for mine and hopefully she will be here by the end of the week...:drool::heart::love::girlsigh: