What can we do?????

  1. Well, the reserve has not been met so the bag may not sell. Keep reporting it. If you try to contact the bidder that counts as auction interference and will have repercussions against you. Hermes has a Vero member to whom all the fakes are to be reported.
  2. Can't tell bidders as its a private auction

    The Hermes Vero is the lawyer who acts on behalf of Hermes re copyright etc

    Things don't get done that quickly through him suppose he has other things to do apart from ebay fraudsters:shrugs:
  3. That's the weirdest shade of BJ that I've seen in togo.
  4. Very sad! I really wish we could do more!
  5. I hope the reserve is not met and the buyer doesn't get the bag.
  6. that's exactly the kind of fake that I think is the worst.
    :hysteric: :censor:
    It looks good enough -- at least on the screen -- that it can fool somebody who isn't familiar with the bag. It's also at a price point which isn't ridiculously low, so that the hopeful (and uninformed) of this world might consider bidding on it...
  7. I have to stress that a 100% rating means nothing. If we check this person's profile, this seller has never sold a thing in their entire history. Even their buyer feedback is suspect, doesn't show what they bought themselves. They could have just bought penny items for all we know, on the same day. I just don't understand how people can bid such huge sums without checking into the seller's profile, unless the seller is using other IDs to place higher bids on their own item.
  8. I also reported this to ebay's fraud dept. and sent a question to the seller asking why this 'authentic' bag had a zipper pull that wasn't horizontal. I know it won't do any good but I think my question will be posted on the auction.
  9. Unfortunately Jen the answer is only posted if the seller wants it to be. Of course this guy could be a complete plank and go with the lie.
    We shall have to wait and see:nuts:
  10. The seller can choose which questions appear on the auction and which ones not.
  11. ok - i tried.
  12. Score two for the authentic side! woohoo! Good job ladies! :wlae: