What can we DO about this?????

  1. So, I just got a listing pulled because of 'trademark infringment' and I did some digging on this forum - I can't believe how many people this is happening to - and this is just the people who've talked about it here. :tdown:
    It is making me so angry that all of us have had our authentic listings pulled. Not only does it mess with us financially, it also messes with our eBay reputations and is a SLAP IN THE FACE to those of us selling legit bags!
    I was just reading a thread by upswife and I was getting so frustrated reading the letters she wrote abck and forth with eBay - absolute BS.:cursing:

    What can we do about this? I was thinking that perhaps I could write some kind of letter and then have everyone 'sign' it (put their name on it basically) then foreward that copy to everyone and we can all send it in to eBay. :confused1:

    Any other ideas? We need some way to get their attention and let then know that this is unacceptable.
    Thanks for listening =)
  2. I think something like that needs to be done (the letter sounds like a good start), I don't get why there are STILL so many fakes listed, yet they target the honest sellers who sell authentic items!
  3. I know, it happened to me with my legit Tiffany jewelry earlier this year. It stinks!
  4. I just had a listing pulled because I used the words "like new". :cursing:
  5. Oh no! Join the club - mine was pulled for using the words 'as new'!!!! :mad:

    I've been using 'as new' in my titles since i began on eBay in 2000!:rolleyes:

    Apparently it's to do with people using the search facility for 'new' items so it's known as keyword spamming.

    But it seems to be ok for sellers to list something as 'new without tags' then describe it as having been used/worn a few times. Hey hum.

    Crazy huh?:tdown:

    I'd be quite happy to sign a virtual petition!:nuts:
  6. I agree something needs to be done, but wanted to let everyone know members CANNOT use tPF for this. We don't allow people here to use tPF as a platform for things like this.
    tPF cannot be involved in anyway.
  7. This is why I don't sell on eBay anymore. It really makes me mad that there are so many fakes which eBay does nothing about yet they go after the HONEST sellers. This just show me that they have no idea what they are doing.
  8. I'm confused? things like what? We would lik to express our disappointment. We are not going to threaten or anything - just express how we feel and that many people feel the same way.
    We talk on this board all the time about how we feel - now I just want them to be aware of these feelings. Can you explain more?
  9. I don't think Airyn was going to have TPF involved in any way at all in the first place. I think she was just feeling people out to see if anyone else would want to be involved, it would be a completely separate thing from TPF.
  10. I have been having some of the same issues. I just read http://forum.purseblog.com/ebay-forum/suspended-from-ebay-113334.html and although I have not actually been suspended from eBay, I have had restrictions put on my listings. The email responses in that thread are almost identical to the ones I received from eBay. The problem is that eBay is the only auction site of it's size and kind right now. They really have everyone by the balls. Some of the stuff they do seems illegal, but I'm sure they have covered their a$$ somewhere buried in their user agreement which we all agreed to. Personally I would love to sue the sh#% out of them, but I probably don't have a leg to stand on because of their stupid "user agreement". I definitely think we should do something. Maybe we should all PM one person our email addresses since we can't organize on here(which I totally understand) Just a thought....

    Vicki :smile:
  11. I pay them less than 10k$ a year, they probably could care less.
  12. Probably not... I was talking to another seller on one of eBay's trust and safety forums until they pulled our thread. This seller's account had been restricted just like mine and she was paying eBay $3000-$5000/mo in fees, and apparently eBay didn't care. So my piddly $300-$500/mo in fees is tiny potatoes to them if they didn't care about a seller like her. I was talking to my dad about all of this BS and he said that eBay is so big that they probably don't have any one customer(seller) that really makes a difference to them. It's really disheartening!

  13. this:
    just letting everyone know that we can't use tPF to get signtaures or a group together, etc. . .
    not saying anyone has done anything wrong, just letting people know in case this thread were to start snowballing.

    We've had threads grow to 10 or pages of people basically agreeing to hammer a company and Vlad and Megs are staunchly against that.
    That's all :yes:
    Just nipping it in the bud.
  14. Swanky - is it OK for me to gather email addresses to do this or to PM people about this? I don't want to do anything to get Vlad and Megs in a pickle so please let me know how I can work this =)
  15. you can do anything you want off tPF but can't mention tPF at all please.