What can we do about bad customer service?

  1. First of all, sorry for this long story. But I'd really like to know what can be done for ridiculously bad customer service. I've written a letter a year ago to this department store (say, XYZ) about receiving an used defective bag and their SAs who dared to say "We do send used items". I had not heard anything from XYZ at that time (not even a usual sorry letter), which made me believe that they do not care customer services, at least for online sales. This time it was even worse than this, but I have no idea what I can do.

    1. I've received a chloe edith small satchel without a dustbag, a tag, and a care booklet and asked for additional discount for that.
    Two SAs (Paul and Sam) confirmed that. Especially Sam had to discuss this matter with his supervisor and sent me a separate email confirmation.

    2. After this confirmation from two SAs, I *used* the chloe edith bag.

    3. A week passed and yesterday I checked my XYZ credit card activities but found that the additional $77 discount on the chloe edith was not made yet.

    4. I spent "1 hour and 20 minutes" on live chat with one SA (Barbara) and her manager (Wendy).
    I copied and pasted the live chat transcript with Paul and the email confirmation from Sam.
    Wendy said it was a mistake made by TWO previous SAs.
    Plus Wendy kept copying and pasting over and over "There will be no additional discount on the bag and we do not accept returns on used items."

    5. So I got stuck. I would certainly not have used the bag and would simply have returned it if two SAs had not confirmed additional discount on it.

    I do not think it was a mistake from Paul and Sam (especially Sam talked his supervisor and sent me a separate confirmation email).
    But even if it were a mistake, XYZ should be responsible for the mistake made by their people.

    I called XYZ CS after this live chat with Wendy and talked to another SA.
    She said that it was really bad, she was sorry about that, and she would make $77 credit for the edith.
    I need to wait 3 days to see if the credit would actually be made, but at this point I really don't care about the stupid $77 credit.

    I just couldn't let Wendy go. I was treated really badly and her attitudes were unprofessional, irresponsible, and inappropriate.
    I want at least to let XYZ know that their manager is messing around with their customers.
    XYZ needs to fix this bad customer service s othat other customers don't need to go through this frustration.
  2. Continued from the original posting:
    I do not know how to contact XYZ regarding customer service (other than writing letters which doesn't work).
    On the other hand, I am thinking that
    if they do not care customer services for their online shoppers, then it would be just waste of my time and there would be no point of trying to contact them.

    Is there any organization I can contact regarding this unfair treatment from a store?
    Or should I simply forget this incident and just hope that bad karma will get back to them???
  3. I would call and speak with the general mananger. It's great that you have names and copies of everything. CS is very important in high end stores, cheaper stores with mostly kids working...not so much. Should be but it really isn't IMO.
  4. I got the addresses of the President, and VP in charge of the store's online services and sent a letter to both. I received a letter back from the VP-but their policies have not changed. Mine was an issue regarding 3 weeks to get a credit when they had the bag back within 5 days. The only way to solve the problem is not to give them your hard earned dollars shopping with them. :push:
  5. I'd love to talk to the general manager and that would be great but the hurdle is to reach him/her. Sale representatives would not let me talk the general manager, would they?