What can u fit inside a.....?

  1. I just bought this magazine the other day and came across this section which I thought is pretty useful and interesting. It's in Japanese:shrugs: but I sort of gather that it has "modelling" pics (1st row), the weight(empty) of the bags in grams (2nd row, with dimensions of bags, top right corner of pictured bags, circled), things u can stuff in the bag (3rd row and they have a few standard things they use as an estimate on capacity of the bag - see 1st pic) and the diagram on the last row, I'm still figuring out :sweatdrop: ...Sorry abt the images though..I don't have a scanner so these were taken with a digicam..
    P1020044.JPG P1020035.JPG P1020036.JPG P1020037.JPG P1020038.JPG
  2. part II
    P1020039.JPG P1020040.JPG P1020041.JPG P1020042.JPG P1020043.JPG
  3. Hmmm... interesting. Thanks for sharing phwish!
  4. That is VERY useful and interesting. A really good reference!
  5. This is really good info.

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  6. that is informative! thanks!
  7. WOW! How is the cover of the magazine?
    Thank you!
  8. Yes I love those!
  9. Here's the photo of the mag cover...and I'll try to borrow a scanner from my brother...the pics don't look good enough :Push:
  10. Thanks for sharing phwish:flowers: , interesting indeed;)
  11. I have that too, it´s an awesome mag, get it on Ebay if you can!
  12. Thanks for sharing!
    That's very interesting and useful!
  13. thnks for sharing. ~~~ I've always been buying those japanese handbags magazines. but i cant understand Japanese at all.
    WHY cant they make such magazines in ENGLISH.``~~~
  14. Wow, those are really cool! Does anyone know what the diagrams at the bottom mean?
  15. How cool! Now why can't we have fun things like that over here?
    Those diagrams on the bottom are puzzling me. Must know what they mean!