what can they replace in a vintage speedy 25?

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  1. While I admit I have my eyes on a azur speedy, I came across a peculiar speedy 25 in the mono that has decent canvas, but has awful handles and interior stains. I remember someone here replaced the handles? What else can be done to restore this? Thanks!! :heart:
  2. I know the handles can be replaced for sure.... but really I think when you start looking at replacing so much of the bag you might as well buy a new or a used one in better condition.
  3. ^^Thats true, it has to be weighed on whether its worth it or not. Thanks Lisa!
  4. you can probably have the interior professionally cleaned, if you want to. i don't know where you can have this done, though.
  5. Leather is the only thing that can be replaced with LVs (unless they're monogram straps, which can be replaced, too, if the item/bag is still in production). Interior lining can be replaced if it's not part of the monogram canvas (therefore, dirty interiors on the pochettes, speedys, and noes cannot be replaced...unless they're MC???).

    I think you're much better off getting another speedy in better condition than buying one that has a dirty interior and dirty handles. A dirty interior is nearly impossible to remove and "refurbishing" a speedy (i.e., replacing the handles, leather, etc.) costs a lot more than buying a good used one. :smile:
  6. i agree! most times you can find a good used one for under $400!:yes:
  7. ^^Again true, and my eyes wander more to the azur.. so thanks girls!
  8. Ohhh Azur all the way!! Go for it aarti!