What can the spa do for a bag?

  1. The thread with the eBay bags that looked like doggy chew toys got me thinking what can Hermes fix? Does anyone have pre and post spa photos? I'm curious.

    (Hope this hasn't been addressed...)
  2. Ack! I wish I had kept a few before and after shots....I will from now on.

    I brought my Gulliver Kelly in for rubbed corners and just an over-all drink and that bag came back looking like a million bucks! No sign of rubbed corners, the leather nice and shiny and a brand new sleeper. I was thrilled!

    My Box calf bags always come back like brand new!

    My Barenia Trim however came back in almost the same condition as when i brought her in but that's because once Barenia gets it's Patina, it's there for life. She did get a good drink though.
  3. May i ask.... which leather is eligible for Spa????? :p

    is it just oil and polish that they do?
  4. Mine came back looking practically new and with new sleepers also. It's one of the things that make buying a Hermes worthwhile.
  5. (high on shopmom's life-priorities list . . . .)
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  7. shopmom...where did you send your bags to?
    I'm thinking of taking before/after pics of my black box Bolide which really needs it again. It was at the spa twice and came back looking good, but not really brand new. I was advised to get a new handle, but will wait...rather buy a new bag instead!
  8. :roflmfao: Good one DQ!!!!! I'd love to see some before and after pics if anyone has them!
  9. I've been wanting to see the difference of the before and after the spa too... :upsidedown:
  10. Wish I had taken some before/after pictures. The change was noticeable however.
  11. sorry if this has been asked before, but when you bring a bag to go to the spa, is there a charge? tia!
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  13. I was not charged before I sent my bags. For one bag, I was not charged anything to fix some dye that rubbed off and needed to be recolored. For the others it will depend on the amount of work needed, but not until the bag returns.
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