what can i wear with this chanel bag?

  1. last week i bought a tweed flap bag.
    do you think that i can wear a little black dress with this bag (i also have this new from chanel :graucho:).

    and is it ok to wear a white glitterling tweed rock or is it too much?
    Dsc01932.jpg Dsc01936.jpg
  2. i think that would be beautiful with a little black dress!
  3. Yes, for sure, a little black dress and that tweed bag goes hand in hand nicely...
  4. Very nice bag... indeed!

    Hm... I think any plain color clothes works!

    nice blk sweater with blue jeans...

    nice white shirt ( or t-shirt) with Blk cropped pants......

  5. I think it is beautiful but maybe not for summer?
  6. eeekkkks it's so beautiful!!!

    i think it'll look best dressed casually down to earth style.
    with simple one colour tone mini summery dress or a fitting black jeans with simple cut top.
  7. I agree!! SO PRETTY!!

    It would also be fabulous in the winter with a Grey or black suit!!
  8. nice bag!
  9. Gorgeous!!!
  10. Definately the little black dress would work!
  11. Thanks everyone
  12. GORGEOUS BAG!! I think it would look great with a little black dress.
  13. thank you! you're having a very sweet baby. how old is it?
  14. sorry, i didn't see the border.. now i know
  15. Anything on black / White / Grey.