What can I wear this shirt with?

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  1. I just bought this dress type top today and I have no clue what to wear it with. I imagine capris? But mine look ridiculous with it. I am clueless, because it's not quiet a skirt... but just a dress top kind of deal. I am really clueless. I don't think it looked terrible with jean pants though. But I feel like there's a MUCH better combination, and leaning more towards some kind of cropped pants but I'm not sure. What do you wear a top like this with, and what works well?

    Thanks for any help, I love this top so much, it fits AMAZINGLY well for a low V neck. I usually have problems with it allowing my bra to peek out but not with this top.

    Here's a pic:
  2. If you are tall and wear crops with this top I would wear heels, not flats. How about skinny jeans or leggings w/ballet flats?
  3. I think tights in a fun color would be cute. It looks a bit too long for jeans, but I'd have to see it on you. It's very cute!
  4. I think it's look great with tights or skinnies, and ballet flats or maybe pumps.
  5. Wear leggings and ankle boots?
  6. Look in the Post your outfits thread. REcently a user posted a yellow dress very similar in cut to yours--with two different looks one with a turtleneck underneath and boots and the other with sandals... cute dress, btw.
  7. skinny jeans or leggings!!!
  8. So would jean pants be REALLY weird? I agree leggings and flats may be the best option... but I don't prefer that style for myself. I love this shirt so much though. It's not super flowy and I feel like it may just barely pass with some kind of jeans and I always wear heels. I'm hoping there was some cut of jeans that would look best but I don't know. hmmm...

  9. Agree, with flats or boots!!! I'm sorry I can't see this t-shirt in others styles..
  10. Skinny jeans and black leggings and black heels.
  11. I would wear it with leggings or a pair of skinny jeans with a cute wedge.
  12. i think it would look super cute with leggings and flats