What can I wear my new CL's with?

  1. Hi-I bought the below and I love them but now really don't know what they'd look good with-they are silver patent - dark skinny leg jeans perhaps or do you think i should wait for spring w/ skirts?! [​IMG]
  2. I have tons of silver shoes and was amazed at how much I wear them. They are a neutral shoe, they go with anything and are good any season. Enjoy, they are too cute!!
  3. thank you cjy! they are so comfortable too - i've got to take the plunge!
  4. Those are on my wish list. :smile:

    I agree that silver is pretty versatile. I don't have any silver shoes..yet.
  5. wow too gorgeous!
  6. Purse - I think that metallics are a perfect neutral and can be worn with just about anything. My only recommendation is to not mix metallics (ie no gold with silver).
  7. I have these too:biggrin:

    I wear them with everything really, but they do look really hot with jeans & a vest top.

  8. I agree with everyone, you can wear them with anything! They are too cute, I would wear them with just about anything and they look comfy
  9. I agree!
    Post model pics. Ive never seen those on a foot before. They look comfy & I might put them on my list:tup:
  10. This shoe and color is versatile, goes with anything during any season.

    I would wear these with dark skinny jeans with a nice flowy shirt such as this Organic tunic. Pair with chunky necklace, cocktail ring, and a big bag. :tup: (Available at Saks)

  11. I love those shoes, and wish that I had bought them when they were still available in my size.

    I really think you can wear those with so many different things, and you can definitely wear those all year. I think they would look fantastic worn casual with jeans in the winter with a fabulous coat and bag. You can also pair them with shorts and skirts in the summer. Silver really goes with so many colors so I don't think color combinations should be too difficult to find.
  12. I have the gold one. They are really comfortable. How about matching with skinny jeans?
  13. Wow, thank you ladies for all your help, I'm usually so comfortable w/ putting things together & these had thrown me for a loop-you all have helped me out with great ideas! :tup:they are really comfortable & I will post modeling pics--sakara gold must be beautiful!