What can I use to remove these two uncolored marks on my brand new bag? Please Help!!

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  1. On my brand new Grenat City that I got from Bal LA yesterday, I saw there were two little marks on the front that, I dunno, I guess didn't take the dye? They are like two lighter color circles. It didn't bug me THAT much and all the ones they had of this color had the marks somewhere on the bag. Mine just happened to be the best leather and perfect in all other ways so I got this particular one out of the choices, even though the mark is on the front. In person it's not so bad looking, but I definitely still wanna remove it.

    Anyway, what can I do to take these little marks away? Would some Lubriderm work? I recall back last Fall I had gotten a Pine Step from Nordstrom (that I wound up sending back a day later) and it had a mark like this. At the time all I had was Curel Lotion and I used that on it and it worked. But I knew I was sending it back anyway so I wasn't worried about trying lotion on it. With my new bag I am for sure keeping it and I don't wanna mess it up in the slightest.

    Can anyone help me out? These marks don't look like scratches at all. Just uneven dye.

    Here are two pics of what I am talking about.


  2. No one? :sad:
  3. ^^ sorry sweetie, but i don't think there's anything you can do to fix those marks...the color on grenat b-bags tends to do that for some reason...i had a gorgeous grenat work & that happened on the handles (after only using it a couple times)...and i've got another tPF friend with a grenat city & the same thing happened to hers...one thing you shouldn't do is use any LMB products on it...you could try a little apple conditioner & see if that helps...truthfully though, i kinda like the way grenat bags look after they've been broken-in...my friend's city looked really cool & vintagey that way :tender:
  4. ^ Ohhh that's good to know that most of the Grenat bags do that. No wonder every single Grenat bag that Bal LA had, had these marks on it. I'm sorry but what is LMB? Oh well, I still love the bag :smile:
  5. ^^ LMB stands for "lovin' my bags" & they do excellent restoration work, but i don't recommend their products...my friend w/the grenat city used them on hers & it made it worse...you shouldn't use lubriderm or curel or anything made for human skin either...they contain mineral oils that can cause decay of the leather over time...the only product i can personally recommend is "apple conditioner" :love: