What Can I Use to Keep the Shape ?

  1. Thanks :biggrin:
  2. The sides are very study and the base is too on the smaller size one. The larger one is not as sturdy as the smaller one but still strong feeling. Hope this helps you :smile:
  3. Thanks what is the material? Do you know?

    I think if one wasnt enough on its own I may be tempted to use inside each other to bulk the bag out

    Ive just ordered one so fingers crossed you was right they only had black left

    Thanks again
  4. They're made of 100% polyester.

    I've put the smaller one in my Alexa and used it today.
  5. Mumofthree - after using it today, would you mind reviewing how you found the smaller one in the Alexa? Does it help flatten the base of the Alexa, so it doesn't have a sagging bottom, iykwim? :biggrin: That would be really helpful. Thank you so much!
  6. Both of the bag liners fit in the Alexa. The larger one is a snug fit and the end pockets rest on the ends of the bag so getting things in and out isn't easy. I used the smaller one which I found perfect for the Alexa. You can access all the pockets and I found the base of this one firmer than the larger one. I didn't have a saggy bottom ;) I think the larger one would be better in a larger bag if you want to use all the pockets.
    Hope this helps Cupcake :smile:
  7. :ty: Perfect, I will be placing an order shortly, thank you so so much!! You are a star!!!
  8. Oo me too... Thanks so much for sharing :biggrin:
  9. Cupcake and Shiny

    Im glad to of helped you :yahoo:
  10. Oooo I can't wait for mine to come now fingers crossed it will fit :0)

    Thanks for your help :0)
  11. One other thing I've been wondering ref the bag liners is whether they would mark the inside of the bag ? My bag is pale inside but is suede just hoping the black won't cause colour transfer.

    Does anyone know if this could happen with polyester?

  12. Pleased I saw thiis, I've ordered in Black from QVC today, wanted something for my Alexa Reg, hope it fits :smile: if not sure I will find another use, looks a great little set.

  13. Hi Mum of Three

    Can you remember how long del took for yours ? Mine was posted today so hoping it wont be too long ;)
  14. I ordered mine on Thursday afternoon and they came on monday morning
  15. Thanks :0)