What can I use to hold my iPod Nano?

  1. I don't really like the mono Nano holder, and I loooooove Mono! Any "creative" suggestions? The Nano is VERY small and VERY slim! I was thinking maybe one of the fun coin purses (the rectangle ones). I have the Mono one alreay which I use for my keys.

  2. I use a cles for my nano. works great!
  3. A cles would definitely work. I think someone said you can fit the Nano into the Coeurs too.... not sure though.
  4. If you can find one, I suggest a Perfo Cles!
  5. My nano doesn't really fit well into my vernis cles, but I was thinking it would fit beautifully into one of the newly redesigned (and larger) cles. Maybe try one of those out!
  6. I was about to suggest the same thing... :yes:
  7. ^ when i get home i will try this out (i just got the new cles yesterday, and i have an ipod nano). i'll let everyone know if this works.
  8. I LOVE my Multicles Rabat!
  9. Cool! Let us know. I'm trying to decide what to put my nano in and I love this new cles. So cute!!
  10. Have you tried the Suhali Pochette Cles??? My girlfriend uses that in Verone for her black ipod nano and it's just beautiful...although the headphones are a bit of a problem...and beware of the zipper scratches...

    If you insist in mono I agree with John, a perfo would look absolutely stunning...
  11. What about the T&B cles???
  12. Me too...my nano fits perfectly!!
  13. great ideas guys- I never though to put my nano in a cles! I'm going to go do it now!!!!
  14. I use my perfo green cles (one of the largest cles I believe) for my Ipod nano too..It's a second generation so it's longer too but it works really well!
  15. I use my Damier cles and it fits perfectly.