what can i use these for in my living room??

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  1. bought two of these at marshalls for only $2 each!! i dont know what to use them for...any ideas??? our living room is new cottage style thinking about using them in that room. should i put something inside ..a candle?? idk any.ideas would
    be great, thank you ;)

    water bottle just to show size

    2012-09-20 18.02.37.jpg
  2. anyone???
  3. They would make cute candy dishes with wrapped candy. I coula also see dried flower potpourri in a nice scent. I don't think a candle would work in it. They are very beautiful- great buy.
  4. i thought about the candy too cute idea both good ideas actually ;) thanks!
  5. They are pretty. I find this is how I end up with a lot of clutter (see the thread about getting rid of excess) being that I would buy items I really had no use for.

    ETA- this section of the forum is not super active so often there may not be responses in 20 minutes' time.
  6. thats true.same here clutter appears here quite often after buying "cute" things
  7. what about in a bathroom instead? like to toss your rings and earrings, or extra hair pins and hair elastics, or as occasional ice cream/sorbet dishes? or to float a couple tiny floating candles in?
  8. those small rocks what are they called? I can't think, they always look nice in glass.
  9. i.like the bathroom idea too ;-D
  10. First thing I thought would be that they would make a cute catch-all... I have one for my rings and bracelets, and another for keys. They come in very handy when you're running late and need to know where things are! I grab my keys, accessorize a bit and run out the door :graucho:
  11. This. If you find yourself buying something just because it's cheap, and then wondering what to do with it, it's probably a sign that you should take it back.
  12. ok did not answer my question why answer at all?? anyways i did not just buy it because its cheap lol sometimes if i like something i'll buy it then figure out a use for it. thank you.

  13. I think that is a lovely addition to the cottage style... very beach cottage!

    First thing I thought of were those retro hard candies called Strawberry Bon Bons I had growing up. :smile: They were served in similar types of glass dishes.
  14. another vote for bathroom. i think they would make cute holders for cotton balls or small items like that.

    in the living room.... the decorative rocks or marbles someone mentioned... with maybe votive/tealight candles. that could be really pretty.

    or a fancy change/coin holder ;)

    and to what some other people mentioned about clutter.... i used to be queen of 'oh this is cute, and cheap, ill find something to use it for!" and i acquired so much crap that i never did anything with.
  15. I like the ideas of using these dishes for candy, keys, or jewelry. That way they can be pretty and functional. :smile:
    As for the comments about buying things without a specific purpose in mind leading to clutter, I see your point, but it is sort of rude to the OP to imply that her chosen decorations are clutter.