what can i get for $1000 or less?

  1. i know i have a low budget for chanel, but i was wondering if i could get any bag for that price or less (i can't find any prices on the chanel and other websites)
  2. Something on eBay, a pair of shoes, jewelry.
  3. ^^ sigh... let me rephrase my question, what's the lowest price that i can find on a proper chanel handbag from the chanel boutique?
  4. a wallet or some other small leather accessory
  5. A bag is unlikely. Do you have an extra $150? If so, you can get a timeless clutch, which is a beautiful bag!! Check the reference library for pictures.

    Otherwise, your budget should get you a very nice wallet.
  6. Maybe a wallet but i don't think u can even get a timeless clutch or e/w flap too since the price has increased since Nov last yr.
  7. At this point I don't think you will find any handbag at the Chanel boutique or any other NM/Saks/etc. There are some great bags on eBay, you just have to be really careful about the authenticity. Some of my Chanel came from eBay and it was in brand new condition for hundreds of dollars off the retail price. Good luck
  8. cotton club or cambon pochette along with a card case to use in it possibly....
  9. I just saw a PST in Pink at NM for around $900 and change (it is on sale) I don't know if that helps.
  10. Also a bag from the travel line if you like it - apart from the great suggestion you already get from others!!
  11. If I were you I would try and shell out a little extra money and get the Timeless Clutch. It's a great bag! Sadly it used to be $995 :sad:
  12. couple more hundred would buy you a really cute WOC
  13. Wow that's a really great deal! I agree that the timeless clutch is probably the most affordable from the classic line.
  14. if the budget was increased to $1500 would i be able to buy something in leather that's bigger than a clutch? some type of leather tote or something? or is it still not enough? sigh* maybe i should not have bought myself a LV in the first place...
  15. For 1350, you can get a beautiful PST in caviar leather!