What can I fit in 226 reissue

  1. Hi ladies! I am in need of your informative assistance...
    I am thinking about getting a 226 reissue but I'm wondering how much stuff it can fit versus a 227 (since I have two of those). In my 227, I carry an ipod, my Chanel sunnies with the hardcase, wallet, and a book/magazine. In a 226, do you think it is even wide enough to put my sunnies or wide enough to put a magazine? I get the 227 so I can use it for work and not so much for socializing, but the 226 seems worth a try, but I don't know if I'll be using it so much if I can't really use it for work either. TIA! All your experiences with this bag in comparison to others is much appreciated!:cutesy:
  2. 226 can fit a chanel sunglasses case, 227 can fit the sunglasses case as well as a bottle of water. i tested it myself when i went and tried on both.
  3. Hm, I have jumbos and 227s so i just got a 226 today and wondered the same, so today i put things in it and I fit a big LV PTI wallet, lipgloss, key cles, phone, lipstick and digital camera. Not too tight a fit either.
  4. So I really want to get a metallic black 226, but I'm worried that all my stuff won't fit. For those of you who have a 226, please tell me if this would work.

    -Long metallic black wallet(it's not bulky, about 7x4x1)
    -LG phone that opens up into keyboard
    -mirror and a couple lipglosses
    -pencil and pens
    -chanel sunglasses case
    -keychain with 4 keys

    Thanks ladies!!
  5. don't think so....with that Chanel sunny case, I have doubt if all these can fit into a 227....as I have a 227 myself.
  6. I'll ditch the sunnies, since it's going to be winter soon anyways :p

    I think the 227 will be too big for me, since I'm 4"11 and petite.
  7. maybe someone with a 226 can give you a better idea...:smile:
  8. Aw where are all you 226 owners?
  9. Everything but the sunglasses case should fit.
  10. Exactly. I leave my sunglasses/case in the car when carrying my e/w or 226 flaps.
  11. I was shaking my head (yes) at everything you listed until you got to the sunglasses case and then I said, nope.

    I agree with the other girls, everything should fit but the sunglasses case.
  12. Yup, everything but sunnies case!
  13. Okay sunnies ditched! Now let's hope BG still has that metallic black 226 I saw posted in the shopping forum.. WISH ME LUCK! And I'll keep you ladies posted!
  14. I had to put my sunnies in the soft Chanel bag they came in. I even have a thinner styled Chanel sunnies case, and that is way too big. The 226 is bigger than the med regular flaps, but still so much smaller than the jumbos.

    If you can get a soft case and depending on how large and dainty your sunnies are...you might be able to put them in it.

    Or do what my friend does, she just wears them on her head. :smile:
  15. good luck, sammix3!