What can I expect to pay

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  1. for a Teal 05 First in excellent, like new condition? Thanks.:wlae:
  2. and I do not mean to put anyone on the spot by asking ... I am just newer to BBags. Thanks again!
  3. Anyone? Even a ballpark figure? Trying to figure out what I can buy right now. Thanks, feel free to PM me too!
  4. ^^ i'm guessing around $1050-1250 :cutesy:
  5. Thank you - I am guessing this color isn't the easiest to find either?
  6. Thank you, are their bags authentic Bbags, b/c I do not see them on the pinned list?
  7. Yes. :yes: The Real Deal Collection & Anns Fabulous Finds owners also have tPF IDs under their respective organization names... if you want to search for them in the members list. (I am not affiliated with either of these websites... I just cruise them alot! :p )
  8. I am going to consider this one ... I am sure I sound like a cheapie hoping to find one for under $1000 ... <gulp>
  9. Oh no, not a cheapie! You sound like an optimist;)