What Can I Expect to Pay for My Dream Birkin ......

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  1. Retail and Other ...

    Birkin 30 Black Gulliver/Swift PH ???

    not that I think I will really ever find her, but thru my research here this is what I would Love to buy! So just in case!
  2. Birkin 30 Black Gulliver would be difficult, I think Gulliver was discontinued.

    Birkin 30 Black Swift PH, I think costa and gina_b recently got one each, so they wouldn't be that unfindable :flowers:

    Good luck with your search.
  3. OOOHHH!
    Would love to see pics of theirs!!! did they already post them somewhere???
  4. If you go to Hermes members' item-reference section, there are amazing pictures of Hermes bags!
  5. I think somewhere around $6850- $7200
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