what can I eat late at night....

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  1. that won't turn into a big glob of fat while I sleep? I'm hungry now, it's 9:15pm west coast time. I'm serious.
  2. so is it safe to assume that I'm living in a fantasy world?
  3. yep basically, try to stick to liquids, water, hot water with lemon squezzed in it, maybe tea or something?
  4. Maybe? But I may be right there with you :biggrin: .

    Lately, I've been reaching for Quaker Rice Cakes. They've got a bunch of flavors and are made from whole grain brown rice. Depending on the flavor, they are between 35-60 calories per cake and 0 grams of fat. They do a good job of filling you up and taste decent. I like the caramel and chocolate flavors, and they satisfy my sweet tooth to a certain extent. HTH!
  5. is edamame a safe food to eat at night? i heard it is healthy to eat...
  6. baby carrots? and my fave...BUTTERLESS POPCORN! just sprinkle a lil salt n its great! :yes:
  7. Eating at night won't kill you.

    Have a snack. honestly, if you indulge a little craving here or there, its a lot better than sitting there and listening to your stomach growl. Remember, everything in moderation.

    Personally, I :heart: having a bowl of ceral at night. Special K fills me up and each bowl only has 110 calories. Just use skim nonfat milk!

  8. Considering it's a veggie, I'd assume it's all good. I love them.
  9. OMG i thought i was the only one! I cannot eat ceral in the morning, i can only eat it at night, it something about the darkness outside that makes it appealing for some reason? i have no idea why but in the day time i am repulsed by ceral and at nights i crave it!!
  10. it's an old wives tail that eatting at night is bad for you - it's no worse than eatting at any other time of the day. people that restrict themselves from eatting past 7 pm or something lose weight because they're eatting less total, not because they're not eatting at a certain time.
  11. Agree with Amanda.

    A bowl of cereal or some fruit and cottage cheese is a great late night snack. Keep portions reasonable and you should be fine.
  12. I looooove edamame! :love:
  13. Here is what I do, minimal calories but fills you up!

    1 Cup of sugar free Jello - 10 cals
    1 slice of toasted low cal wheat bread - 40 cals
    Spray of butter substitute on bread - no cals
    Big Glass of water.

    Fills me up for 50 cals!

  14. Umm... I am notorious for midnight snacks- and by snacks, I mean 4th huge meal of the day. Vlad and I will make sausage and eggs or some other ridiculous thing that you probably shouldn't sleep on...

    Eating at night is fine. Just find something light if you don't want a full belly. Rice cakes are good, some sliced turkey for protein, a little bit of icecream, small bowl of cereal (not 3 like I did last night!!)... all good options!
  15. I read somewhere in the book, "The Zone," that having a snack that is a dairy product, like yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese.....before bed is good for your metabolism...
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