What can I do?

  1. Hi all.

    I bought a Legacy Satchel on eBay. It's a gorgeous bag but I feel it's too big for me and I don't like having to move the strap to open the zipper. Anyway, I tried to resell it on eBay becasue the seller would not take it back. Well, surprise, they cancelled the listing this morning after letting it run for six days. I had one bid on it too!

    My question is this: Since I'm not crazy about the bag and probably won't use it enough to get my money's worth , can I return it to the Coach Outlet to get a store credit? I'm sure they get people bringing bags they received as gifts back to them with no receipt. The eBay seller I bought it from has excellent feedback and has sold hundreds of Coach bags. Has anyone ever done this? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks ::yes:
  2. Why did it get cancelled? Was it the previous seller that did it? That's lame. I'm not sure if you can return it without a receipt....someone will know here. Did you use a stock photo by chance when you listed it? Good luck to you! I know how dissapointing it is to receive a bag that you are less than happy with. I just bought an Ali on eBay and am keeping my fingers crossed that I love it!
  3. I like the bag, alot, but I don't LOVE the bag like I thought I would. I always have really bad buyer's remorse with expensive items anyway. Maybe I'll call the outlet and see what they say, cause it was a gift ( a gift for myself from myself) ha ha
  4. Sorry to hear you're not thrilled with your satchel. I love that style, but that front clasp is one of my reasons for not buying that bag.

    You can take it to the store without the receipt and get merch. credit. If you take it to the full price store and say it was a gift, I believe they will give you a credit for full retail price. I know that in general, if you return something to the outlet without a receipt, you will get credit for the amount that the bag is currently being sold for at the outlet.
  5. Thank you so much for the info. I love the style too but the clasp thing is a pain. And the bag is really heavy with nothing in it too!
  6. Did you take your own photos - you should have 8-12 or more? Guarantee authenticity? Find out why it was cancelled and work with VERO to relist it. Don't relist without vero approval or you will get suspended.
  7. No, I used stock photos which is probably why it got cancelled. They stated in the email Trademark Infringement.
    I lost my camera over the Holidays and just found it last night in my laundry room, how it got there I'll never know!

    I sold my used LV Speedy on ebay last month with no problems using a stock photo. I know they are cracking down which is great. I completely understand them removing the lisitng since I did not use my own pictures. I'll just relist it with pictures I take. I was just wondering if ebay removed it again could I just return it to an outlet and get a credit, which I will gleefully spend.
  8. I agree with willowsmom, take it to a regular Coach boutique and try and get credit for it there. Why bother yourself with relisting or going to an outlet?
  9. As Willowsmom said, try returning it to the full retail price store first. You'll get more credit to spend that way.