What can I do with short hair?

  1. I don't have any pictures of my new cut (well i've had it for a few months now) but it's basically a straight/short bob. I can get photo's of myself up if it helps for any suggestions later on tonight.

    I saw pictures of Jessica Alba having her hair this short and it's the closes resemblence to myself. I am no where near as gorgeous as she is but we have identical hair and I'm fairly dark as well.

    The question I have is that I am extremely bored with wearing my hair down every day. Straight and black. What can I do to spice it up? I use to have extremely long and wavy/curly. Now it's short and straight. A very odd change for me.

  2. Well, you can put in some some pretty barrettes, wear a headband, break up your part to name a few.
  3. head bands
    Flip your part to the opposite side
    do a lightning bolt part and make it piece with some wax

    cute hair cut! I really like it.
  4. headbands definitely, i have short hair similar to that and that is what i do to prettify and berets and hair pins. have fun.
  5. I have a similar haircut, and the problem I had was getting it off my face and neck on a really hot day. So I would suggest investing in a lot of bobby pins- I found my hair looks really cute when I take little sections of it and twist them into all different directions and leave it a little loose and messy. Does that make sense? I'll try to find pics...
  6. I agree with Headbands or also some diamonte clips just to clip the side bits.

    Also, can you not wave it as well.