what can i do with my d-ring and cles?

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  1. My cles is my keyring at the moment, but it's a bit silly, maybe :sweatdrop:? Should I stick it on my d-ring? How do you usually use your d-ring and cles?
  2. M,
    Not to be a downer but, there are a ton of postings on cles, including in the Double C Club in the LV Clubhouse. Multiple people, multiple times have asked usage questions. Maybe you could refer to those previous posts?

    All the Best,

    P.S. I'm totally not trying to be rude-but helpful! A lot of great information has been posted and just thought you should try those great resources!
  3. Oh, yes. I'll take a look, certainly. Apologies if this is a frequently asked question. ;)
  4. No apologies neccessary!

    I just wanted to alert you to the fact that there are a bunch of great threads out there!!!
  5. well most people ask solely about the cles, but Meifa is also asking about the D-ring, so I htink it's worth it to respond to this thread:biggrin:

    I personally don't use the D-ring at all....I find it quite useless. I've only attached my cles on it once, when I wanted to get change, it was really uncomfortable cuz the chain is only THAT long, you need to put both hand INTO the bag. I usually just leave the cles unattached and pull it out directly from the bag, otherwise it also tugs on the inside too much......
  6. i seldon use the D-ring. i only used it when i have the mini pochette or pochette accessories inside a bag. but very often, i don't bother attaching them to the D-Ring :yes:
  7. I actually do keep my cles on my D-ring, so it doesnt get lost inside the speedy! i guess its not too far inside the bag, so I don't have to reach in very far to get it...so its cool...
  8. i usually attach my cles to my D-Ring when my keys are on my cles too. otherwise, my cles is separate. :smile:
  9. My cles's sole purpose is a key holder, occasionally chapstick, don't feel bad! :roflmfao::rolleyes: