What can I do about my wallet??

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  1. Hi tpf'ers! I had a question about my cerise wallet that I got maybe 8 years ago. I haven't used it a lot since I rotate my wallets frequently and haven't even taken out this particular wallet since probably 6 years ago!! But decided to use it again and noticed that the cherries on the edges are starting to peel and some areas on the edges are splitting!

    I'm just worried that with continued use, it's going to get worse. Is this common?? If I continue using, is this something that LV could repair? I'd appreciate your knowledge/experience!! Thank you!!
  2. Oops. Forgot to add pics!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391103096.160260.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391103106.225306.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391103118.146373.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391103131.030156.jpg

    As you can see in last pic, this wallet is in excellent condition so I'm surprised this is happening :sad:
  3. oh no how did it get like that especially that you haven't been using it? anyway i would just sell it b4 it looks any worse since you do have other wallets that u can use.and u don't even use this one..
  4. I would take it to a LV store ASAP to see if it could be repaired.
  5. Check with LV if they would send it off for reglazing. GL!
  6. I would take this to the LV store and see if they could repair this wallet. :smile:
    The glazing edges need to be redone.
  7. +1
  8. It's just the glazing coming off. It happened to my Zippe Compact Wallet. I brought it back to LV to have them reglaze it. They will charge you depending on how much work needs to be done.
  9. Take it to LV for repair. I hope they can help, that's so unacceptable for a wallet that hasn't been used much.
  10. The wont be able to fix the cherry thats flaking, but the reglazing should be able to be done. No need to sell it, get it repaired and enjoy it!
  11. Thank you everyone for the advice!!! Didn't know about the reglazing! I just hope the cherries don't all peel off... That would be sad!!
  12. Yes I'd have it repaired. It will probably cost around $150
  13. How long was it from the last time you have used it? I wonder what cause it to crack? Too hot or heat? Probably should check your other wallets to see if the ones you haven't been using have any issues.
  14. could udse some reglazing
    call or go to your local store and check about it