What can fit into the new Giant Hobo?

  1. As I was contemplating on which bags to preorder for fall I fell in love with the new GH Hobo bag. I plan to order a one GH hobo bag....

    Can anyone tell me what you can fit into this bag?

    I've seen powderpuff's comparison pictures but for me the rounded bottom makes the hobo look similar in size to the city.

    I own a marine GH city. Would the Hobo hold more? Would I be able to fit a magazine ( I know I can fit one into my city)? a small laptop?

    Any info would be great Ladies!!!
  2. I don't own a hobo, but I've tried it on a few times in the store and I don't think it would hold as much as a city. It's about as wide as a city, but it's flat. It could definitely hold a magazine but I'm not sure about a laptop.
  3. Thanx for the info ladies.

    South of France.. I've been starin' at your Hobo for some time now and it looks perfect on you.

    I'm devastated that it's not as big as the city. I was hoping for something in between city and brief..

    My plan was to order the Giant HOBO in Juane... any ideas?
  4. I think it's comparable to the City unless you have your City filled to capacity. I can get everything I carry in my City bags into the Hobo and neither looks overstuffed.