What can fit into a Bambino & Bocce? New Toki Fan!

  1. :yahoo: Hey everyone! I'm so happy I came across this forum. I discovered it on my venture to finding cute dooney wristlets and guess what...now I'm a Tokidoki fan all in one day! I just ordered the Portatelephono from Macys.

    I am a fan of wristlets and small/mini sized purses. I see that LeSportsac offers a Bambino and Bocce. They are really cute! What can you get into one of yours? I'm guessing a cell phone, keys, check card, lip glosses, some makeup...Which one is bigger? I can't really tell.

    I'm still learning about the prints too. The one I ordered from macys was the Amore print. At Nordstrom's site the same print looked different, so I thought it was a different print and ordered the one from macys. Now I see that's what the big deal is over the perfect print. I ordered from macy's because I liked that print better thinking that's the one I was going to get. I probably won't get it though right because they are all different?

    How many prints are there? I like foresta and the spiagga print on lesportsac.com is cute.

    I've been viewing you all's collections too which I love!! I didn't see hardly any portatelephonas or bambinos or bocces though.

    I love Tokidoki! I may even get a bella or my other fave the scuolla.

    I'm still learning and thanks for all of the advice and input I get in advance.

    much Luv, pupluv ^ coach & dooney girl^ :heart:
  2. Welcome pupluv!

    The Bocce is smaller than the Bambino, but both hold a surprising amount of stuff given their small sizes.

    The following link shows all the prints and bag styles through the Winter 2006.


    They haven't yet updated it though to include the Spring 2007 collection which included Pirata, Adios Star, and L'Amore. And the Summer 2007 collection which includes Spiaggia and Famiglia prints.

    There are still 3 more upcoming prints as part of the LeSportsac/Tokidoki collaberation: Tutti (later this month), Trasporto (out in late Aug/early Sep), and Vacanze (last print and due out in Oct).

    Hope all that helps familiarize you with the various prints and styles...
  3. welcome to the forum, pupluv!
    the bambino holds more than the bocce for sure. i have a citta bambino and love it loads!

    here's what i can fit into my bambino (it looks cutest when it's stuffed full) ;)

    - coach mini skinny
    - mini coin purse
    - leather namecard case
    - keys
    - cell phone
    - a packet of tissue
    - mints
    - lip balm
    - a pen

    .... all that PLUS a small foldable umbrella! (yes! that fits in too!)
  4. WOW! I didn't know you could fit that much in it!!!!:tup:
  5. welcome to the forum pupluv! :biggrin:
    I have a bambino but I've never used it. I hear from others that it can fit a lot tho (as evidenced by what crazygirl posted).

    crazygirl - OMG I would've never thought a small umbrella could fit into it!! That's too cool !!
  6. ^^^That's gotta be one *small* umbrella!
  7. LOL... yes, the umbrella is smaller than usual. i bought it cuz it fits well into most of my bags.

    i didn't expect it would fit into the bambino, was just trying for fun and wow, surprised myself too ;)
    let me go take some pics. of the actual items and post it here, so you'll have a better "visual" idea.
  8. In my bambino:
    folding brush
    small cell
    2 inhalers
    1 epi pen
    1 zip id case with license/cards OR small wallet

    In my bocce:
    the same except no scrunchie and I use the zip ID case because the wallet's to big