what can be SO from LV?

  1. I have never SO anything from LV before, and was wondering how to go about it. I have a few questions that would love some input on.

    1. What can be SO?

    2. Does LV make custom items?

    I have (2) monograms Sac Chien dog carriers and would love one in MC white. Could this be SO? Any help would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance.:smile:
  2. MC cannot be SO'd, unless it is an Alzer.

    Small leather goods can't be SO'd either.

    If you want to see previous responses as to what can/cannot be SO'd, try using the search feature above... this question has been asked a few times in the past. ;)
  3. I know that you can SO monogram and damier and a few Vernis items, you can also have bags made in the all vache leather!! BUt you can't SO small goods
  4. Some items like the bucket bag, can be SO'ed in vernis but otherwise, that's it. Especially because the vernis colors are more seasonal.
    You can SO most mono bags into damier and vice versa (i.e. a damier mezzo).
    And you can also SO special exotic leathers like an ostrich or crocodile Alma (there's one on display at SCP and it's gorgeous..).
  5. i've seen a mono flute case on display at waikiki and a croc lockit as well.

    a damier bh or piano sounds cute :smile:
  6. ^ ooooh. is the mono flute case still there? id love to see it.
  7. probably not. i saw this about over a year ago. it looked like a really long mini pap. it was very interesting though.
  8. MC is unavailable for SO- but I have seen sac chiens in damier. Most other lines can't be SO'd, except for the bucket (like Rebecca said), which can can be ordered in vernis and could be ordered in mini mono when it was still around.
  9. thanks everyone. thinking about SO a bucket in vernis, that could be really cute.
  10. You can SO at least some items in Epi, at LEAST the models that have been discontinued but still exist in mono.
  11. ^^oh yeah- I've seen epi deauvilles and Lucos
  12. i've seen a mini monogram (blue) in a deauville. the SO arrived and the customer ended up not wanting it. it was retailing in the store for $1800+. i was tempted but not that tempted. ;)
  13. MMMMMMMMMMM... I would have LOVED to see that. :drool:
  14. From what I've seen, the only colors in that are the old red, beige and bronze..not sure if there are any other colors available. I don't know if you can actually still SO them or whether you have to buy the ones that are already made up (my store has had a red one for awhile).
    Also, for a better visual, (you can do a search and find the pic) twinkle.tink has the beige one with her LVOE scarf tied to it.
  15. I actually saw a bucket in the mint green (peppermint?)vernis IRL a few months ago.
    So beautiful I started up another LV obsession ......