What can be better than a hot fresh bagel topped w/luscious lox & smooth creamcheese!

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  1. I am in bliss. I just had the most perfect, most delicious, most incredible bagel ever. The bagel was piping hot, slightly crunchy on the outside, wonderfully chewy on the inside. Fluffy whipped cream cheese was spread on each perfect bagel half, and was topped with luscious smoked salmon, thinly sliced red onion, and a thick succulent slice of juicy tomato.

    I kid you not. The "Lox Bagel" is TDF. Before you succumb to your normal and ordinary everyday bowl of cheerios, I implore you to take a walk on the wild side.:drool::yahoo:

  2. mmmm, yes! now i'm really hungry for one!

    i usually put a little lemon juice on the salmon and add a few capers. :tup:
  3. GUNG you need to visit ny!!!
  4. Goodness gracious that looks delicious...and I don't even like fish! :biggrin:
  5. That sounds sooo yummy. I know what I'll be getting for breakfast tomorrow :drool:
  6. GOD... tha goes my diet...:upsidedown:
  7. :hugs::winkiss::hugs: That's a Sunday Brunch Tradition in this family!!!
  8. You've just made me crave this sooo bad it's one of my favorites:drool:
  9. mmmm... That looks sooo yummy!! :drool:
  10. one of my favorite breakfasts :drool:. you're making my hungry!
  11. That looks really good!!!!

    In NJ it was always just plain cream cheese and plain lox-- they didn't put the veggies on...
  12. Not a fan of smoked salmon/lox. I much prefer butter and maple syrup on my bagels.
  13. I'm :cursing: b/c I'm all out of lox!! And your pics look sooooo good!
  14. i'm getting hungry just looking at the photos! bagels + cream cheese + smoked salmon is a favourite weekend breakfast treat in my family too!

    i have to admit that i've never added tomatoes to mine. i guess i'll have to give it a try. :biggrin:
  15. Where did you get your amazing sandwich? The ingrediants have to be quality, or else it's not worth it!

    My parents always used to have theirs the traditional way with lox, tomato, red onion and capers. My dad even used the authentic chive cream cheese.

    I would just stick with a toasted bialy with whipped philly cream cheese and salty lox! Yum, it's been over a decade since I've had one!