What can and cant you eat on Atkins?

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  1. Ok so I know Im about 4 years behind on the Atkins diet bandwagon but lately I have been having some bad reactions to carbs and sugar so Im considering the Atkins diet to try and wean me off white bread, pasta, candy bars, cake and other things that have been making me ill. Can anyone give me some advise on this diet?
  2. I can't see a doc about this. I dont have health insurance and my new job gives it after 3 months and I've only been there for 3 weeks.
  3. Maybe you could go to the Library and check out a book on it. If you are familiar with proteins versus carbs....the Atkins diet works on proteins but be very careful and drink tons of water! Protein diets are hard on your kidneys.
    Proteins are things like chicken, fish, meat, eggs, cheese. My friend would order a pepperoni pizza and just eat the top! It was halarious but it worked for her.
    This diet can also be hard on your arteries and cholesterol. Please research carefully first and good luck!
  4. go to atkins.com. it gives a background and recipes and such. You can have anything high in fat. Low fat is your enemy. you can't have fruit. no condiments. eat a lot of eggs, meat, cheese. No tomato sauce. If you have to have starbucks, get cream instead of milk. If you follow it correctly, you will drop weight really quick. But if you eat any carbs, you will gain weight back super quick. Good luck.
  5. Your body is your decision, but really consider reading up on this diet before you decide to do it.

    It has a lot of factors one needs to consider, ones people don't immediately think about. Here's a few:

    1. It is expensive. Cheese, meats, and fats are more costly than standard diet fare. When you're eating them around the clock, you notice quick.

    2. It is inconvenient. No more fast food, really. Unless you buy a whole cheeseburger with no ketchup and toss the bread,tomato, and likely lettuce. So you will be left with a fatty meat patty. And this routine will happen over and over, even in restaurants! So, you have to essentially make all your meals ahead of time. Leading to the next item...

    3. It takes lots of time. You will HAVE to govern your intake, if you allow anyone else to prepare your food they WILL add sugar or some other no-no for Atkins. Hence, this diet is a do-it-yourselfer.

    4. It is complicated. You WILL count carbs. You have to, so you need to get educated about your food. It takes a lot of reading, and you have to be very conscious about your food at all times.

    5. It is hard on your heart. Ok, when BACON is a diet food, where do you think that fat goes? No, it is NOT all absorbed or used up in this diet. And your cholesterol will increase quickly.

    6. It is hard on your kidneys. High protein intake has been linked to accelerated decline in kidney function, as well as also leading to kidney stones... ouch!

    7. It is hard on your body. When you don't eat sugar and your body needs it, where do you think it gets it from? Thats right - your muscles. Thats where we store our sugar. Not in fat. Fat consumption is next, if perfectly adhered to. So your body begins to eat it's own muscles. Your body tone (the part that doesn't jiggle) will suffer.

    8. Lastly, it's nearly impossible to keep up. After a few months, everyone I've ever spoken with has let the diet go. Then what? The lost muscle tone is even more obvious (hello jiggles) when the water weight returns. It's only a few pounds, but then, when someone has a piece of bread, a bagel or a slice of pie, it starts rushing back. But now, there is more jiggle than ever.

    If you want to wean yourself off sweets and high carbs, the best way is to slowly take them off the menu! A slow loss is almost always the LASTING loss, the one that counts. Atkins doesn't keep you from eating these items anymore than a low-fat diet will. In fact, many people attribute Atkins success to the fact that sweets are excluded!

    It has always been my suggestion that a sensible, low-fat, lower calorie diet with moderate movement (walking counts!) will do more and cost your body a lot less in side issues.

    You can do it, when you eat less and less sweets your body doesn't want them or crave them as much! I have faith in you, you can do it based on willpower... we are women, hear us roar!! :graucho:
  6. so glad angelfish wrote the above as I thought this eating plan was long ago avoided!.

    I am following the eatclean diet plan, which the principles of make sense-eating good foods, grains, pulses, veg, fruit, and lean proteins and basically nourishing the body with foods from natural sources instead of plastic foods.

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do but if you choose the atkins please take care.
  7. Thanks! I work with a lot of people in the fitness industry and you're right - it HAS been largely abandoned. The only folks I know that still do it are body builders that know they will lose some muscle as they shed their remaining water weight. And they only do it for a couple - a few weeks before a competition.

    Of course, while they do this they become blurry, less aware (fuzzy concentration) and CRANNNNNNKY!! It's very hard to work or train with someone who is "carb starving" as we put it... they are so irritable they start fights with everyone in the gym and become very hard to live with! :wtf:

    LoL So I say HAVE a little brown rice, oatmeal or granola! hehe :smile:
  8. Well atkins diet is not really healthy at all.. it is hard on your body and there are MUCH better options.

    Whole grains are NEEDED- your brain needs carbs to function, just opt for whole grains and rice and potatoes. You can change your eating even if you have a food sensitivity without resorting to atkins :yes:
  9. I would just like to add that I :heart: carbs. No carbs = cranky Cristina, which is not good for anyone around me :p

    The average active woman needs around 130g of carbs per day to sustain physical activity, brain power, etc. Cutting out carbs completely is not good for your health, and switching to a diet of mainly red meat, cheese, eggs and other high fat and cholesterol-laden foods is hard on your body.

    Low glycemic index (GI) carbs include brown rice, sweet potatoes, vegetables, whole grains, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, whole grain cereals, whole wheat tortillas, etc. These are better alternatives than refined carbohydrates and foods that are high in sugar, and will keep you fuller longer :nuts:
  10. Hehe Cristina you are a card :smile: LoL

    I must say that a decent diet with whole wheat pasta, and brown rice, sweet taters and so forth work for me and the Hubbs (my dh). Now, when I must, and yes, DO cheat... it's on RIBS with BBQ yuuuuuuuuuuuum lol just like Tyra! And gimmie a hot sweet tater with splenda, lite butter, and cinnamin! :heart:
  11. I recommend the South Beach Diet also - it has worked great for me and I was totally carb addicted and don't really miss it at all. I've been on it since June of '06 and have lost 50 lbs so far and I have been able to cheat here and there without any gain back. Lots of water and green tea help fill in the gaps for me.
  12. lots of misconceptions about atkins here:

    You can eat whole grains on atkins as long as they fit into your carb count: i did

    Regardless of your carb allowance you are supposed to eat 2 seving of vegetables at a bare minimum. if you eat more carbs, you;'re supposed increased the vegetable and nut intake, or even eat some low GI fruit

    I did atkins as a student and my weekly food bill went up but since I wasnt snacking any more it came out even.

    Becuase the diet goes against the grain of conventional nutrition, you have to read the book to understand for yourself. There's no way around that. it's your body anbd you need to understand what's happening to it.

    Oh, and um pro bodydybuilders shouldn't be on strict Atkins anyway. the intense excercise means more carbohydrate is neeed.

    The low-cab alternative if a cyclical ketogenic diet. basically you eat the Atkins way for 7-10 syas and eat good carbs (fruit, grains, beans) for 1.5 days to give the muscles gycogen. you hit the gym the next day to burn of the unused glycogen and get back into ketosis.

    it works for the people who stick at it. and I have friend who choloestrol went down on a low-carb diet

    p.s. if someone 'jiggles' after they;ve lost weight it sounds as if they lost muscle as well as fat. which suggests they probably didn't do a lot of excercise. this could happen regardless of the diet-type they were following.
  13. I totally agree, I studied public health and nutrition as my major in college, the atkins diet is in my opionion the worst way to lose weight plus I've never known anyone who tried this diet to keep the weight off long term. If anyone really want to lose weight you have to adjust your diet and have more of a mentality that you are chaging the way you eat rather than going on a crash diet. I think the zone diet or something of the like is good, it's balanced and reasonable and will help you lose fat and maintain muscle mass....Your body needs a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, and (good) fats, which in a good diet translates into lean protein and low fat dairy, whole grains and fruits and healthy fats like nuts, avacado, flaxseed, non-hydrogenated low saturated fat oils (used sparingly)....etc. etc. all of this along with the proper calorie intake will no doubt help lose weight in a healthy way.
  14. Depends on how seriously you take it. I did the induction phase of Atkins for 14 months - which is NO carbs, including many vegetables. No fruits, no milk, no grains, no sugar - no carbs, simple or complex. I lost 50 pounds in the initial first 4 months I'd say, and after that it was torture. I plateaud for months until I fell off the bandwagon. I went back to the South Beach diet, which allows carbs only if they're complex, grains - whole wheat breads in small quantities, etc. But I gained most of my weight back.