What can a Hayden Harnett Lorca fit?

  1. I have so many huge bags that I'm looking for a smaller one, but that can still be functional as a daytime bag. Can owners of the Lorca tell me what they can fit in their bag?

  2. The Lorca is actually pretty roomy but doesn't have alot of depth. I was able to fit everything I needed but no room for any other items and definitely not water bottles, book, etc.
    Mine held:
    A large IF wallet
    Cell phone
    Large set of keys
    a dayplanner
    pens, lipsticks, glosses, compacts, gum, pill case, a couple of feminine products,
    reading glasses and a few small incidentals.

    It just isn't a Book/lunch carryall bag. It really is a nice nice bag and the leather is TDF.