What can $205,000 get you in LV? Apparently a personalized watch!

  1. [​IMG]

    a personalized watch from LV made for Mr. Richard Eng from Hong Kong. It even has his Chinese last name engraved on the watch using i think either rubies or diamonds. Stunning isnt it?
  2. Yep. This was offered to my mother, who promptly told them they were insane. I think it's a really, really neat idea if you got the cash for it!
  3. wow :wtf: its looks nice but not sure about the clockworks being on show
  4. That's really awesome ! It'd be even cuter if they had moved his family name to the "5" spot, cause that's what it means.. :graucho:
  5. It's gorgeous:heart:
  6. that is stunning watch... but the price :wtf:!!! LOL!
  7. seriously... I think it's a monstrosity... I don't see any elegance in this watch, instead, I get images of The Terminator
  8. I like the skin LV used for the strap; it is stingray, isn't it?
  9. I can't tell what time it is LOL -- but it is shiny :smile: I think the clockworks are on show because some of them are the little fleurs and symbols --- the design is quite intricate.
    Interesting piece, I'm sure he'll enjoy it!
  10. nice watch but "HUK" on the price tag.
  11. Gorgeous watch but not worth the price IMO. If you got the $$$ though then go ahead! LOL!
  12. that watch is gorgeous!
  13. holy crap.... $205,000?!!! wow...

    i love the exotic skin, love that they personalized it with his name, but other than that....
  14. Wow, that is one gorgeous watch, a bit girly though for a man. Maybe his wife can borrow it.
  15. not worth it IMO.