What camera should I buy?

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  1. I'm looking for a new camera. I want a really good one, and the price doesn't really matter as long as it's not over $2000. Right now I have a Canon where you can turn the screen in all directions. The new camera ABSOLUTELY has to have that! I don't know if Canon cameras are the ones ones with that feature. And then of course I don't want a camera that's hard to operate.
    Any suggestions? I've mainly been looking at Canon and Nikon cameras.
  2. I'm very happy with Canon as well. The past three digitals we've purchased have been Canon. We actually just got a new one last week... it's this one Canon - Powershot 8.0MP Digital ELPH Camera - Silver - SD870IS VERY pleased with it so far and being that we have never had a problem with them before I'm sure I will continue to enjoy it.
  3. The one I have now is the Powershot A80. I'm very pleased with it, but I'd like to get something with more pixels.
  4. i believe i saw a canon rebel or SLR or whatever those big ones are called that had the rotating screen. but if you don't want a bulky camera then that wouldn't be for you.

    anything in the canon or nikon range you should be ok!
    i don't know of any of the small ones except for the one you current have that has the rotating screen. my parents have that one as well. i love it. i currently have one of the digital elphs.
  5. I have a 3 year old Kodak thats pretty decent. They have a 12x optical zoom 8MP camera thats too awesome but is kinda big and not really economical for everday use. My friend just bought a canon similar to the Kodak I just talked about and it has that awesome swivel screen, she loves it so far.
  6. I have the Canon powershot and absolutely LOVE IT!
  7. Rather than stating what features want, why don't you tell us what you will be shooting. This will help narrow down the type of camera you should get.
  8. another vote for the sd870is. generally regarded as one of the better buys out there these days (quality for price). got one for my sister last mo, waiting for the price to drop to get another for myself :smile:
  9. If I had the money and know how to use a camera semi-professionally I would by a Canon EOS or Rebel, awesome cameras. Nikon makes a good professional camera too, not sure how their point and shoot lines are.

    I wish I had a small powershot for the purse, bf is always whipping his out of his pocket. I currently own a Canon s2 is.

    I'm a Canon lover, so I'm a bit bias.

    ETA: Sister has a sd600, bf a sd700is and dad a sd700is. Take fantastic pictures and are user friendly. I assume the new model is the 870is as mentioned above.

  10. I will be shooting pretty much anything. Everything from scenery to horses.
    The cameras I have been looking at are the Nikon D80 and the Canon EOS 400D.
    Unfortunately it looks like only the smaller Canon cameras have the rotating screen, so I'll have to give that one up.
  11. I just bought the Nikon D40 and it doesn't have that, but it's a great camera so far. I love it.
  12. I also looked into the D40, but I decided I could as might as well get the D80 then. Is your camera easy to use? Any pros and cons?
  13. I bought the D40 packaged with the 55-200 lens, It is very easy to use, but I've only had it a week so I haven't found anything I don't like yet. DH and I are still considering upgrading to the D80 but aren't sure if it's worth it. I ordered mine from Costco so I think I have 90 days to decide.
  14. Are you looking for a digital slr, or a point and shoot?