What came with your galliera

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  1. I did a charge-send on my Galliera PM (as I usually do). My bag came with the blue film still on the hardware. It even had the brown cardboard shaper in the bag. Then the usual stuff....box, dust bag, tags, extra padlock/keys.
  2. I bought my damier sauvage with the pony hair from the first owner.

    The gal had never taken the blue film off the hardware, so the bag was like half new when I bought it!

    The SA at the Cartier store people come in with watches 10 years old and the film is still on the watch - some folks don't even know it's there! ha ha !
  3. #18 Sep 13, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2008
    Your Galliera PM came with a padlock and keys?
  4. Opps sorry. I was thinking of my Monty. No, Galliera had no padlock/keys.
  5. I've accepted a display bag before because it was the last one available in the country and it was being discontinued. Plus, I was travelling the next day, I really wanted the bag, and there was no fault with the display piece so I bought it.

    However, where stock is available, I have asked my SA to put aside a brand new bag for me, and to leave the packing plastic and film intact. I've had no problems doing this.