What came with your galliera

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  1. I mean was the hardware wrapped when you got it and were there film over the brass? Just got my from Holt Renfrew LV and I was on the wait list so I assume that mine was "untouch" and not a store model. It wasn't until I got home that realized it didn't have film over the brass plate, nor were the hardware wrapped. Is that normal? I hope I didn't get a store model. Other than that it came with two little cards, dustbag, box, and bag. Funny thing, I was so excited about buying it I left my credit card at the store. i never ever forgot my C.C. but a little to excited today:shame:
  2. I don't think LV sells the display models...
  3. They're supposed to remove them for you before they pack them. My SA removed the film on the plate on my galliera in front of me. But yours may have done so in the back before packing it into the bag. I think that any wrapping on the handles is supposed to be removed before they even go into the drawers, since I have never seen any of the purses that they pull out of the drawers with the plastic wrap.

    I can't speak for any of the other SAs, but mine won't even let me BUY the display ones. LOL
  4. I concur with lkarolinec1 my trevi handle was taken out of the plastic and put on the bag. The take off most of the extra stuff and get it ready to carry out of the store...I don't think they are allowed to sell a display at all!!
  5. Thanks for your replies.
  6. Have you checked for scratches ? I mean, even if the film isn't there, as long as there aren't any imperfections, it's only a piece of film ~
  7. LV's do sell display models...and I have seen it right before my eyes when a SA sold the one and only Trevi left on the shelf to a customer.
  8. I agree.

    My Galliera PM was sold to me right off the shelf & was the only one in the store. It had only been on the shelf for 36 hours when I purchased it.
  9. I'll third that! I bought my Epi Speedy right off the shelf. I asked for a fresh one and the SA told me it was the last one in the store.
  10. The LV SAs are trained to remove all packaging and protective coverings from the bag before releasing it to the customer to take home. Sometimes if I purchase while traveling out of state I will ask the SA to keep the protective coverings on to better protect it until my travels end and I am back home; however, 99.9% of the time all coverings are removed at the boutique with my purchases. Enjoy your new bag!
  11. It is against corporate policy for Louis Vuitton merchandise to leave the store with any protective film or plastic still attached. However, many SA's do sell products this way and some people even request it.

    Louis Vuitton employees are encouraged to sell floor models before reaching for a fresh item. Floor models become harder to sell the longer they sit (Damage from handing, vachetta turning dark, etc).

    Unless you have an established relationship with an SA (Or your SA is untrained) you will often get a bag that has been handled by customers.
  12. I purchased a store model before.
  13. I think floor models are fine as long as you check the bag and you don't notice anything wrong with it. Aren't most things you buy just in general on the floor of the store? Like when you buy a purse or clothing or jewelry at a department store, you usually just get the one you are looking at.
  14. Yup, me too and I was silly to ask for a discount since the vachetta started turning. Lol!
  15. I agree my SA told me that they sell the bags shown to customers first. To get a fresh one you really need to insist.