What Came in Package from Jomashop

  1. Hi Guys...I am curious...for the ones who have bought stuff from Jomashop, how did your spy come packaged. Did it come in a Fendi Box? or just in a plain box. Mine came in a plain box inside a white cushy bag and came with an all black dust bag (nothing spectacular)...is that normal or should they have sent me some Fendi stuff. I need to take pics and post them in Authenticate just in case...however, I think the bag looks fine...is the Zucca...and it looks like the one some other members have ordered but I was wondering about the packaging and what' supposed to come with it.

  2. Mine came in regular box then inside is another plain box but look on the side it will have a Fendi label on it indicating what is inside the box with a drawing. Then inside the box is same with you, the white protective bag then the Spy with the black/grey sleeper.
  3. Both mine came exactly the same way, a brown flap box inside another brown box. The inside box has a picture of a spy bag on a label with some numbers. Inside with packing-air was the bag on top of the black dustbag. Outside was the receipt. Inside the bag were the cards/tags etc. No fendi box but the bags were real! Whenever I buy any bag from Saks/neiman they just give a dustbag, I only get the boxes from a boutique or the designer website.
  4. Thank you guys...I was wondering if what I got was ok...now I know it was...thanks. I'm gonna check what came in...I haven't have time to even try the bag...but it looks really cute...you guys made me buy it from all your talk about the Zucca...thank you...I love this forum !!!
  5. Post pics! FYI, when I ordered my spy from the Fendi boutique it didn't come in a box. Just the dustbag. When I ordered Fendi stuff from Jomashop it just came in a born flap box. So don't worry, all is good. Can't wait to see pics!
  6. pics pics!