what cambon bag is this??

  1. i have no idea what this bag is
    the SA said it's rectangular
    bigger than all the tote sizes
    has a zipper than zips the whole top up, not juts the side pocket
    and is about 12 x 6 x 4

    another store i rang
    has one thta's 12 x 11.5"
    it's can only be hand carried
    bigger than all the tote sizes

    i really duno what bag this is? does anyone have a clue? can you pls post a link or picture too
    i'm really interested but in my mind it's almost like a tote style but i dunon if i'm right!! pls helppp :flowers:
  2. Maybe it's the overnight bag? Then again, the sizes you listed are too small I think.

  3. its sounds like the camera purse. its original list price is approx 1450.00..it sits on your hip -when carried on the shoulder- kinda of a drag IMO. I dont like it.
  4. i found out what one of them is
    it looks like a flat shopper
    the other i have no idea they described it to me but i was still lost
  5. the overnight bag is adorable.
  6. Is that bag that Paris have on authentic? I could be wrong, but isn\'t the interior supposed to be bright pink?
  7. It looks fake to me. My cambon is the med tote and it does not have gold hardware. It has silver rings and the interior is bright pink.
  8. suka duit?? Siapa yang ngak suka duit$$$ ?? :biggrin: :biggrin: