What BV is tempting you right now?

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  1. but so well styled and nicely coordinated! :tup:
    congrats and enjoy in good health!
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  3. Diane- I really like this bag! Very pretty. Congrats! I love the cervo loop to bits.
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  4. Congrats Diane! It is a great shade and nice touch from the weaving...
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  5. I'm leaving for vacation Saturday afternoon, so we'll see if I'm tempted by anything at the boutique. Hmmm... :thinking:
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  6. Diane, that’s the only style tempting me but the colors available right now don’t work for me. I’m hoping for a nutty brown to show up!
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  7. Gorgeous from head to toes! LOVE that cervo!
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  8. If the two-toned look sells well, perhaps they’ll add more, including a brown. I’d like to see more combinations, too.
    I wear a lot of navy and grays. I figured it would work with all my navy things and some of my grays. I also have a lot of white tunics. And it wouldn’t be the first time I planned what I was going to wear around a BV bag. :amazed: In the end, I just loved the bag and, with all the changes at BV, a bit of fear sealed the deal for me.
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  9. I have been quietly following you on your quest for this bag. That bag is amazing and I’m so happy you got it. Please check out Bergdorf Goodman online, they have two exclusive color combos of this bag on their site, one navy and one tan.
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  10. #2125 Feb 20, 2019
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    Thanks for the info. Just saw the blue/black one. I’m wondering what color the blue is.....the website calls it Dark Blue....
  12. That’s a beauty!!!!!! Oh, I really need to stay away from here ☹️
  13. This color combo is fab. Wouldn’t this combo be great in the espadrilles too?. The ones you got are gorgeous- are they soft as butter??
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    Yes....they’re like wearing slippers. And yes, I’d like them in a color combo. I’ve been heavily investing in the espadrilles for two years and have no plans to stop....although a large enough price increase might slow me down. They wear really well when you consider the fragility of the leather.
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    Fabulous bag!!! :loveeyes:
    i can't say i invested 'heavily', but i have 5 pairs of espadrilles and 3 pairs of dodgers, and i can definitely say i am buying more! (still waiting for espadrilles in China red, sigh)
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