What BV is tempting you right now?

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  1. oh, i see, thanks! but i tend to agree with you, probably they will increase the prices... same like most of other houses do :sick::yucky:
    i definitely remember your Nero, why do i remember you had a NLG Loop? :confused1:
  2. Why are they so stingy with shoulder drops in smaller sizes?
  3. Great you still have the large cervo loop maybe they will make the combo you saw in large version soon. I hope they will not increase the prices else it will be out of reach for me☺️
  4. This sweater in other colors- Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 9.07.55 AM.png
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  5. #2075 Feb 5, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
    One of my concerns is that some great styles might get eliminated and then replaced with styles that don’t resemble the BV that some of us know and love. (The veneta? The cervo hobo?) However, I am definitely in the stage of life where I’m just not very open to some of the changes I see around me. And, of course, the younger clientele probably want some newer styles. Right now, I’m still clinging to the hope that it’ll all work out....there could be some great surprises coming down the pike.....so this old lady still has her fingers crossed!
  6. I had one at one time but let it go. I had more NLG bags than I was using....
    I have no idea. I’d guess that it’s the proportions they feel work best. But just a couple of inches would make a difference. I think I’d love the medium size bag with a longer strap....
    I haven’t seen a large one in the stores in quite some time. I found my barolo on the resale market when I missed the chance to get one while they were in the stores. The resale market has been my fallback option for bags in a number of colors and styles that I missed earlier.
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  7. oh, great, my memory still serves me right! :biggrin:
  8. Diane-you sure it won’t fit on your shoulder? I get it with a coat but for summer Wwhen you’re just wearing linen it might be ideal. In fact, I think the smaller proportion might look better in this color and for a warm weather bag.
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  9. 7F117446-0BF3-43B5-BA04-FBC7C928183A.png Carmel sent me this image of a new ad. I think the green is spectacular and told David to holler once he gets it in.

    So in addition to the marigold bag I’m up to two small BVs on my temptation list.
  10. Diane, those Dark Cement espadrilles are lovely. Considering that you do get so much use out of them, I think they are a justified purchase.

    I agree with @grietje that the medium cervo loop bag is appropriate as a summer bag for you. Perhaps you will like to give it a try again at the boutique? I am a UK size 12 and have thick shoulders but the bag sits really comfortably on my shoulder.

    In fact, all thanks to you. I had a look at the new colors and really like both of them, even the Deco Rose version when usually I shy away from light colors. Hope to see them in my country soon!
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  11. Finally, a reason to visit the boutique. Screenshot_20190206_075509.jpg Screenshot_20190206_075528.jpg
  12. That green is TDF. Any idea what bags will come in that color?
  13. Can’t agree more
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  14. Maybe if I weigh less than I did last time I tried it. It was sort of crowding under my arm, a lot like a too tight sweater armhole. These body changes, as I age, are brutal....
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  15. I send Carmel BV a text and ask about th name and what shapes it’ll come in. Stay tuned
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