What BV is tempting you right now?

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  1. Although I did see a caramel colored cervo Loop on TRR that tempted me... there’s just no returns so if it’s not authentic I’m stuck. ☹️
  2. If its not authentic and you can prove that they'll take it back. I returned a baseball hobo because the dye lot on different sections didn't match.
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  3. Far too much, apparently, given my recent chain wallet and Montebello acquisitions, but when I saw this gorgeous small Loop on sale that I fell in love with months ago I couldn’t pass it up. Spring and summer and impromptu February resort trip (ha—in my dreams!), I’m ready for you!

  4. What proof would they require, though?
  5. I would imagine a paid authentication? They were very quick to refund me on the bag I sent back but it wasn't a question of authenticity.
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  6. yes, this is original Barolo, it does not look any 'brick-y' irl, only in warm light when photograph, i have the same bag
    Dark Barolo was only in smaller, Medium size Loop
    which one did you get?? :nuts:
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  7. I think that would be my concern... which authentication service they would accept, if they’d even accept it. I wish they had better photos so I could post for authentication here!
  8. I found a Crossbody flap messenger that I couldn’t pass up!
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  9. will you post the pics when you get it, please? :flowers:
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  10. We authenticated a fake Coach for someone who purchased it on TRR. They didn't get a paid authentication. They just told TRR their concerns based on our authentication. I don't think TRR immediately offered to take it back but eventually they did. Then they relisted it, even though at that time they knew it was fake.

    ETA: Also always pay with a credit card or paypal funded with a credit card. That way you can open a dispute if they give you any trouble.
  11. Thanks! I always pay with CC, or PayPal with CC, so that’s good!
  12. These arrived today (dark cement....in bad lighting):
    And now I can’t stop thinking about this medium cervo loop (dark cement under a bright light) that I posted earlier, but that is too small to fit comfortably on my not-petite body:
    ***I decided to get some espadrilles in anticipation of the price increase, even though I have always considered them to be a bit of a splurge at the current price, especially considering how I wear them out.....
  13. Diane- these are really pretty espadrilles! You should consider getting the cervo loop you mentioned as they are a perfect match for the espadrilles. The medium cervo isn’t that small. You can consider hand carrying it. Or get the larger size. I absolutely love this style and the cervo leather. I just sent my large cervo loop to the bag spa for a wash and folded it in three parts for easy fit into a paper bag. It looks like a small comfortable pillow (I don’t mean the Nodini but an actual pillow). I literally was tempted to put my head on it to try!
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  14. is there a new price increase coming up?? :shocked:
    did you sell your old Loop? you had one in NLG, didn't you?
  15. #2070 Feb 5, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
    I was told that the new designer felt that BV was underpriced when I was inquiring about the upcoming squishy clutch that is priced at 3K. I did ask if the shoe prices would increase but the SA didn’t know. However, I know they won’t go down and if it’s felt that BV is underpriced, then I figured prices would be increasing. Sorry.....I guess I should have stated that it’s my opinion based on a conversation I had....or maybe ‘assumption’ is a better term.
    (I still have the large Nero and Barolo cervo loops....but not the gray. ).
    I fell in love with those cement espadrilles the moment I saw them! I tried the medium cervo loop when it first came out. I really liked the size of the bag itself, but the shoulder strap was too short to wear comfortably on my shoulder, which is my preferred way of carrying it. I might manage to wear it over a thin t-shirt but it would be tight and I could never wear it over a jacket or sweater. I noticed today that the color version I saw @ NM is available at BV online. I feel like I’m being teased by BV. :amazed: If they still made the large size, I’d have grabbed that bag in a heartbeat. I’m now hoping that color combo shows up in other styles when the next line debuts.
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