What BV is tempting you right now?

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  1. Weird, trying again.

  2. I saw this cervo loop in NM @ Stanford Center. It’s ‘cement’ with ‘steel’ lacing. Had it been available in the previous (large) size, I would have requested my SA get one for me. I’m sorry that my photo doesn’t do the colors justice but the lighting was bad.
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  3. Just when I thought nothing else will tempt me further, I'm happy to see this. Hope my country stocks this so that I can take a look. Thank you for sharing Diane.
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  4. +1. This is so tempting.
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  5. This one but in doubt about wear and tear. Never had a bottega Veneta bag before. Don’t know much about their bags. But it’s a beautiful bag

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  6. BV bags wear nicely, and age gracefully :yes:
    and Olympia is a lovely bag!
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  7. Thank you for the input. Do you own one? I was looking at the pink one and it’s gorgeous but I was afraid that the letter would be too soft
  8. no, i don't, i prefer a Pillow (Nodini) for my small bags, but @grietje had one if my memory serves me right, maybe she can share her feedback :smile:
  9. I have the small Olimpia and it’s doing great! Wear is neglible. Admittedly it’s not an everyday bag for me. I bought the large size but returned it because it seemed heavy for the size and the split interior bothered me. I think our @Phiomega has the original olimpia with the shorter strap.
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  10. do you think the chain added to that heavy-ness? or it's just the bag itself with all that leather?
  11. I have a small Olympia in beige tone and love the size! Like Grietje, the partition bothers me but maybe to a smaller extent. I thus pack less whenever I wear it. It can hold my umbrella, wallet, card case, two cellphones, lipstick and a spectacle case. Not too bad. The chain isn’t that heavy. What really amazed me when I first carried it fully loaded, was how comfortably the shoulder strap padding sat on my shoulders. I seldom use it as a crossbody as I feel the baby version makes a better crossbody.
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  12. I’ve been wanting a Cervo Loop lately. I tried one on at the store a while back and it didn’t look good on me, but it was also empty, a little stiff from having been stored at the back, and didn’t fall right. Seeing everyone’s is making me want to join the club. I still need a green, maroon and purple BV in my life. Although my little iridescent Crossbody is in the purple family.
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  13. Big or Medium?
    there's an original Barolo on #bay atm
  14. Oooh that’s pretty! I would have never thought this was Barolo, it looks like brick to me... but there’s 2 Barolos, right? Original and Dark Barolo? Original can get orange toned brick in light, and the Dark Barolo is more wine-colored? DH has a Barolo wallet, I’m guessing it’s the Dark Barolo?

    Such an enabler!!! I snuck away from
    Ban Island because I found a Crossbody I couldn’t resist and am swimming my way back
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