What bugs you more? The prices or....

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  1. the fact that new bags are hitting the outlet so fast? I was thinking about this today; my Miranda bag was $798; that is more than some Louis Vuitton handbags. Some recent Coach bags have hit $998.

    My question is, how long or how far do you think the company can get away with these prices before customers revolt or move on to other designer brands? I have been buying other brands for a while, but I can just imagine someone saying, "Oh, if I spend $800 for a Coach bag, I might as well venture into Marc Jacobs, Prada, Chloe, etc. Not that these brands are necessarily better; it is just once you get past a certain fiancial mark, you wonder what other options are out there.

    Then the other issue is how fast bags are going to the outlets. I am a little annoyed that I pay one price (even with the discounted PCE) only to find out the bag hit the outlets and people are getting the bags for 50% or even more off. I do not begrudge anyone for getting a good deal; I just wish there was at least a 6 month window before items hit the outlets.

    What do you all think? Are you loyal to Coach through and through, or do you have a breaking point?
  2. I have a breaking point and Coach has hit it. I'm done. I'm so over the bad customer service that I have been getting lately. I have all of my bags but 1, the 1 I am currently carrying on eBay right now. I won't buy anything else. Once I graduate in December and get a professional job I will upgrade to something else. I just cannot spend any more money and get treated the way that I have lately.
  3. Neither bother me. I guess I have too many other things to worry about than either of the above situations that the OP described. I rarely get to the outlet, and if I see something I want, I get it. If it's more than I want to spend, I either save for it, or choose something else. No big whoop. JMO of course.
  4. I do find it troublesome when the same product that is on the Coach website is in outlets. The Legacy Cotton shoulder bag is on the website and I just bought one at outlet for almost 1/2 the price. I would bet there are some very angry people who purchased their bag full-price and then found out it was at outlet at the same time.

    I'm a little fed-up with the price increases and the PCEs all the time because it feels like they cannot make up their mind! But, then again, I'm fed up with the price increases on gasoline, too, so what is there to do?

    Coach has grown exponentially over the last year. I think that really caught them by surprise and perhaps they are still trying to adjust and test the waters as to how much the public will tolerate in terms of price increases. I can't say I blame them. Just like every other designer, their bags will end up priced at what the market will bear, and that seems to be an awful lot lately!
  5. I love Coach. I've not found any other brands/designers that I consistently enjoy carrying, more OR less expensive. I think I do, then after a few uses they sit and back to the Coaches I go. I haven't had any quality or customer service problems. Just a Coach diehard I guess. :girlsigh:
  6. Yes, I am kind of the same way. I'm one of those people who go by the "never buy something on sale for which you wouldn't pay full price" mentality. If I like something enough where I am willing to pay full retail for it, I buy it and I don't look back. You cannot count on any particular bag making it to the outlet. If I wanted something really bad and held out, hoping that it would end up at the outlet, and if it didn't get there and I lost out on getting it I would be really irate with myself.
  7. I was irritated initially at new bags hitting the outlet then I realized that it's pretty much the same thing as going to the department store to buy a blouse and then it going on the clearance rack the next week. It's all about luck and I'm not lucky enough to live by an outlet. My response now... if I don't want to pay full price then I either 1) don't 2) wait for PCE or 3) wait for it to hit eBay cheaper. Those are my options and I have to learn to live with them or I don't buy Coach! (which is not an option I've decided to live with right now!)
  8. The bags hitting the outlet so soon. I have been to the outlets in Michigan and I think we are disadvantaged because I have never seen any of these newer items at our outlets.

    It also makes me not want to pay retail for anything! I guess some people just got lucky especially with the Pond legacy shoulder bag, but I usually expect the outlet to not even compare to the boutiques.

    The price increases don't bother me as long as they keep their lower priced bags too, they are just trying to reach a broader crowd. I don't neccesarily agree with the argument that if you're spending $800 on a Coach you might as well venture into LV or Prada. This is because the comparison isn't very fair,IMO, with $800 at LV or Prada you will get canvas or nylon where as at Coach you will get a nice sized vintage all leather bag.
  9. You know, it's not just Coach, it's ALL designer bags. The prices have gone up, and the bags go on sale at up to 50% off much sooner than they used to. Just check out the sales forum!

    You have a choice, either shop exclusively at the outlets and hope you'll find the bag you held out for at an outlet price, or buy the bag at retail and get it when it first comes out. Either way is fine and there will always be some GREAT deals at the outlets!

    Honestly, I think the whole designer handbag thing is getting a bit out of hand. Anyone remember Beanie Babies? Sort of reminds me of those! And seriously, if bags get much larger we're all going to need Red Ryder wagons to carry the things along with us! :smile:

    I LOVE all of my way too many handbags, but we now refer to them as "collections". Not all that long ago most women were content to own just one or two bags....now we lose count of how many we have. Maybe if we only bought one or two a year cost wouldn't be a factor.

    One or two new bags a year!! I just made me laugh! :nuts:
  10. I can't and won't spend a huge amount on any bag. I'm much less likely to consider something at the boutique when I know there's a good chance it will be at the outlet so soon. A year wouldn't really bother me, but a couple of weeks? So, I will go and look at the new stuff, but limit my purchases to what I find at the outlets. So far, I've been really lucky!
  11. Considering the fact that I have bought 50+ bags that cost $1000 to $3500 over the past 2 years or so, I cant complain at all over Coachs prices. Coach bags are far better made than most of the bags I have owned.

    The outlet thing bugs me. At least they could wait a whole season before throwing them to the outlets. Or better yet, have a big sale at the end of each season for the bags that havent been bought yet. I no longer live near any Coach outlets so I dont get to see whats there.
  12. My eye has definitely started wandering past Coach into other handbags, mainly Gucci & LV, since the only Coach bag that I want is $1198. My DH refuses to pay that much $ for a Coach bag and I agree! My closest outlet is 1 hour away & it's a leather outlet, so I guess I will have to save giftcards & pennies & make a trip to the outlet.
  13. I don't think it is just Coach bags, but all bags prices keep growing and growing. It really is a seller's market right now. But comparing Coach to most brands, the prices are still more reasonable :yes:

    I get annoyed to see a bag go on sale, especially if I buy it full price. I guess you could wait out the season and see if it makes it to the outlet
  14. I also have become a little annoyed at Coach. I must say it bothered me that I bought a purse for $500 only to find it at the outlet for $230 a month later. With their price increase I have definately ventured into LV, and Gucci. :yes:
  15. It really doesn't bother me...I can only buy pretty much one time a year anyway, so I just buy whatever catches my eye at that time, no matter the price! I can indulge a little once a year, and that (so far) has really sufficed. I don't think I could keep up with Coach even if I could...they have a new line coming out (what seems like) every month or two...it is a bit overload for me.