What brought you here?

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  1. #1 Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    I've been wondering... how did you find out about this Hermes forum and was it at the beginning of your H interest or had you already been collecting/admiring?

    For me... good old Google brought me to TPF when I was investigating other handbag brands... a few clicks of the mouse... a few visits to H... and presto change-o... H obsession! :graucho: I'd always been interested in H and had a couple small accessories, but TPF may have pushed me over the edge!

    I've learned so much from you all! THANK YOU! :heart:

    I didn't see a similar thread on this topic, but Mods, please close/combine if there is one!
  2. I've been on various LV and Hermes boards for years. So, I figured joining one more board couldn't hurt! LOL!
  3. This is almost exactly my journey to H too! I was mainly into BV on tPF intially but once I got over here, it's no turning back, LOL!! :yahoo:
  4. I stumbled upon the LV subforum when I googled for ways to clean LV's natural vachette.

    Wasn't active for a year and then this picture...


    ...specifically that bag at the left, brought me here again through my endless searching. And I'm still learning.
  5. I came over to this forum when I was reading up in preparation for getting my first Twilly :yes:
  6. I was just learning about Hermes from Dana Thomas' "Deluxe . . ." and I wanted to know more. Hermes does not share very much information with customers, so I googled and here was all the information anyone would ever need.

    Because of tPF, I know more than most of the Hermes SAs. I think everyone here does.
  7. I was also brought here by good old Google. I stayed quiet for a while and then eventually decided to jump in with posting. Now there's no going back!
  8. I came here by way of the Christian Louboutin thread. I got my first JPG last year and haven't added anything since. (Too many Louboutin purchases!) I'd like to add a rose shocking JPG here really soon though. I love coming and looking at everyone's H purchases! I am hoping that I will get a lead on my UHG CDC from here!
  9. I was interested in authenticating a vintage ostrich Bolide before putting it up on eBay and just kind of stumbled in here. So glad I did, though, as I've learned a ton, been thoroughly entertained, met some lovely people and was heartened to learn that I was far from the only one totally addicted to a brand.
  10. It would probably be the ebay handbags forum... Whenever something couldn't be authenticated by someone there, they'd say, "GO TO TPF!" :yes:
  11. ah... it all began with the authentication of a prada bag. then I started hopping to chanel... after that I crawled around Hermes and ta-dah! here I am! :biggrin:!
  12. Same with me. Google -> tpf -> hooked up on this board. And I have never ever been on any forum before nor I intended to be...hehehe. Addictive in any respect. But I must add I'm here not only because of Hermes, rather it has to do with those people I enjoy interacting and only then Hermes...or both:P Kind of a playground.
  13. Thoroughly entertained is the right word. Loads of H education too. :yes:
  14. for me, it was google -> purseblog -> tpf chanel -> tpf hermes :heart: this is very addictive and very educational for someone new to the orange world. thank you all:love:
  15. A friend told me about the place.