What briefcase/agenda for a guy?

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  1. I've been looking at the site and love the presidential classeur, a big strong briefcase, but I was thinking, how would the robusto monogram briefcase look on a guy? i think monogram for the most part is too feminine for men, but i was thinking with a suit, do you think it works on a guy?

    The other thing is the agendas, the epi agendas look really nice, but are they really worth 300 pounds? Does any one have an agenda piece that they would recommend?
  2. i think the Monogram Robusto would be fine. but if you want something more understated and unquestionably masculine, check out the Taiga or Epi leather range.
  3. Hey there... Okay, I am a guy, and I have the monogram soft briefcase and it is my favorite... I don't know how old you are, but the pressident classeur is a bit more for older men... my dad has it and I felt ridicioulus when I "tried it on".... monogram, in my opinion is not feminin at all, basically LV started making the luggage with the monogram FOR men... in my eyes it's a timeless piece of Art, it's the chanel suit under the trunks and bags. But LV also makes some really cool pieces in the Epi line (talking about birefcases).
    And the agenda. I have the monogram medium. It's prefect. it's classy and it just looks great when your briefcase and the agenda will be from the same line (in Epi that's possible, too :smile:). The rings are really big enought to fit a bunch of stuff inside, like the whole LV refills which do not fit in the smaller ones (you have to change them from time to time, meaning always less than half a year if you need a phone book and notes as well.....) the medium is really perfect size. The large one is a little too big, for me at least.
    But, and I know I am not very LV supporting now, to face the truth, the LV agenda is just as any other normal medium agenda. the rings are the same size, refills are also always same sized. But we all know about LV's quality, history and unique fabric.... so you def know what you are getting. And, come on, how smart does it look if everything you pull out of your briefcase looks like the briefcase as well.... know what I mean?
    And about the 300 pound.... All I can say about that, well, that's Louis Vuitton.... :smile:
    but as I said, you know what you are getting....
    Hope I could help.
  4. There are some new ones ( or ones I've never seen, lol) on elux's "new arrivals" section!!
  5. I don't think the Monogram print is overtly feminine too. I'm a guy and I absolutely love it. To that end I wouldn't have a problem carrying a briefcase, portfolio and agenda with the Monogram print.

    I too like the Monogram Canvas Soft Briefcase, but if you want something more understated the same style is also available in Epi. Very contemporary, modern shape that isn't as "traditional" looking as conventional briefcases.

    LV agendas are great, but if you wanted to get one item first I'd pick the briefcase, then an agenda for later.
  6. You can get pressident classeur in taiga. I like also Taiga robusto, it looks more business like not luggage like KWIM?? l)
  7. my husband has a president classeur, I don't think he looks old using, I just think it's a little more formal and he brought it cos he wanted a hard briefcase for his lap top. He's also got a messenger in the Damier Grante?? range for less formal occasions. I don;t think that the monogramme is feminine. But if you don't think you will use it much cos you don't like mono then go for something that you will feel comfortable using all the time. Hope this helps
  8. Epi Red!!!! I Luv Mine!!!!!
  9. Hello,
    I own 6 briefcases in total ! SO I SHOULD HAVE SOME VALUABLE INPUT!

    I have 2 President Classeur cases - one in Mono and one in Black Epi.
    I also have a taiga Diplomate hard case briefcase - it is 1" small than the president and I feel a bit more "usable".

    I also have a LV Mono Serviette Fermoir and an Ambassador in Epi Black.

    OK - is monogram too feminine? NO - Definately not.... however it is a bit .... in your face. Everybody knows LV and monogram really stands out. Even people who are not LV experts can see that my Monogram President is real.... it is just a high quality piece. So I would so you sometimes don't want to be so loud.

    My Taiga Diplomate is much more usable - not so much in your face! Sure it looks nice and is lovely.... however it does not attract attention like a monogram piece.

    I am a contractor at times... the last thing I want is attention to my US$4000- briefcase!

    The black epi President still stands out a bit too much! The size and brass parts really stand out!

    My soft case pieces are cool! The monogram piece I have is still.... well it has LV plastered all over it!

    I also have a LV document puch.... this is a great piece.... and the LV monogram pattern is not a big problem as it is only a pouch....

    IF I WAS BUYING TODAY NEW FORM THE LV STORE..... definately the new President Classeur in Graphite Damier (it has silver metalwork.... so less in your face!).

    I hope the advice helps.
  10. I agree!
  11. I love the epi briefcases. And I dont really think any of them are feminine. They are just bags and know no gender.