What breed would be compatible with my four-year-old Havanese?

  1. If I was to get another dog, does anyone know what breed would be most compatible to my dog, Nicky? She's quite small (she was the "runt" of the litter) and not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer (we love her anyway). She is extremely friendly and very playful. So if you have any ideas....

    P.S. Here's a pic:
  2. you dog is adorable!
    i would get a dog around the same size, so there is minimal bullying between the two.
    are you open to getting another dog in the same breed, but different color?
  3. What a cute dog. I agree with bird . Something along the same size or family.
  4. try talking to some folks on the havaneseforum.com
  5. its adorable..:tup:
  6. Maybe a Bichon? Havanese are considered to be "cousins" of the bichon. Same size, temperament, etc.