what breed is this dog?

  1. [​IMG]

    Really love this fluffy bundle, can anyone tell me which breed this cutie is?
  2. I'm not a dog person but it really looks like a stuffed animal, to me.
  3. It looks like an apricot colored poodle or a poodle mix.
  4. Almost too cute to be real. :yes:
  5. I would go poodle or poodle mix. Could be a teri-poo, malti-poo or some other kind of mix. It really looks like there's poodle in there somewhere though.
  6. Someone I know has a dog that looks just like this. His is a cockerpoo (cocker spaniel & poodle mix).
  7. Poodle cross (I am thinking Maltipoo???) and definitely apricot color. It sure is cute, but it does not look as though she is too happy holding it as though the pup is a cup of Starbucks or something KWIM??
  8. yeah I really want that dog :smile: love it so much even started thinking of names

  9. Please may I have contact details for where your friend got his/her dog, I would really appreciate it. :heart:
  10. I think it's a Maltipoo!
  11. I am now looking for places that might sell cockerpoodles (I hope that its the right breed of dog in that pix) if anyone can help me I would be so grateful, as will be living alone in Alabama from I hope afew months time (I am serving overseas myself) until my guy gets back from Iraq

    God Bless America and everyone who stands for freedom
  12. poodle mix
  13. The person I know that has that dog moved this summer so I have no contact with him anymore...sorry. Did you try doing a google search for breeders? Just please be careful because there's tons of scammers out there.
  14. Cock-a-poos can grow to be quite large (up to 35lbs seeing as they are mixed with a cocker spaniel). I see no cocker in that pup guys, sorry. The dog in the pic looks like either a young toy poodle puppy or teacup poodle to me. Beware of teacups though as they have a high possibility of brain issues...