what breed dog is this? its amazing

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  1. does anyone know what kind of dog this is??

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  2. My guess is a Poodle cross.
  3. It looks like maybe a mix between a Maltese and a brown poodle? Definitely adorable!
  4. lol ever since Rihanna was seen carrying her new pup everyone wanted one. I am preety sure its a poodle:smile:
  5. It's the new IT designer dog - some are calling it a teddy dog (in the UK) . If I can find the article I'll post it later.
  6. looks like a poodle?

    is he young or fully grown?
  7. Sorry it was in a magazine rather than something I read online. Rihanna's dog is a Maltepoo called DJ.

    Zophie you were spot on with the cross.
  8. Oh my god, that's a toy bear not a dog!!
  9. looks kind of like a Malte-Poo(sp?). Im sure this thread will be moved to the Animal forum, and you will get some better guesses there:yes:
  10. It's a cute mutt! ;)

    Like the other girls said, it's a "Maltepoo". My sister and her DH are getting one come the new year. My sister already has a "Cockapoo".
  11. hahaha it looks like a teddy bear. So cute.
  12. It is a toy poodle who desperately needs to groom to look like a toy poodle! Oh how I'd love to get my hands on that dog!!
  13. It looks too cute!
  14. like the others said....it's a malti-poo. i had a white one when i was little that was a little bit bigger than that. back then they were still called mutts :smile: