What brands of clothing do you wear w/ LV bags?

  1. I was wondering what brands of clothing do LV owners wear? I'll start, I wear Express, Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, Macys* clothing (INC, Style & Co., Alfani, Max Studio) New York & Company, and Nordstrom juniors department.
  2. I love Old Navy, Banana Republic, Bebe, forever21, Lacoste, Mossimo and whoever Target's designer of the season is :biggrin:
  3. i've got ALL kinds of clothes. anything from comme des garcons to tank tops from walmart.
  4. I love Target designer clothing, I have never purchased one though, I wonder if the quality is good as the design? :confused1:
  5. im pretty much BR and jcrew - sometimes old navy for basics.
  6. Gap, Tommy, or Ralph Lauren - there is a new one in Bangkok called CPS (very nice)
  7. I have a couple of pieces from Behnaz Sarafpour(sp?) and the details are quite lovely. I can't vouch on the durability though eheheheh
  8. I shop at Macys, Ann Taylor Loft, Talbots, and Nordstroms, though I have been known to mix an expensive blouse or jacket with a tank or shell from Target or Kohls. I'm also a shoe-a-holic and have lots of shoes, but mid-range....about 100 pair, but Manolos or Choo? No way! Maybe someday:drool: Anyhow, I'm not "brand specific" with my clothing as I am with my bags, lol.
  9. Old Navy.
  10. mostly contemporary brands but it's fun to mix and match!
  11. Wow...just about everything from skirts and pantsuits from Nordstrom to more casual t-shirts, tanks and shorts from J.Crew, Ann Taylor and Anthropologie. If I spend a lot of $$ on bags they better be versatile, so that's why LV rocks the house IMO!!!
  12. I shop the Impulse department @ Macy's and also their Bridge Designer Collections.. so it's mostly Marc by Marc Jacobs, Theory, BCBG and all the usual denim brands.
  13. H & M, Zara and Monsoon.
  14. I usually wear burberry, gucci,and theory with my LV purse. I cordinate my outfits with gucci high heel shoes. For weekend causual i wear j-crew, club monaco, BR, and gap.
  15. I wear mostly Old Navy, Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle clothing.

    Nothing over the top expensive at all when it comes to my wardrobe.

    However, my bags are a totally different story. :biggrin: