What brands of clothing do you wear w/ Coach bags?

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  1. I think it's fun to start this thread since LV has one too. What brands of clothing do you wear w/ Coach bags? I'll start first, I wear Old Navy, Macys (INC, Style & Co.)Nordstrom Rack, New York & Company, Ann Taylor Loft, Target (Mossimo), and Express if there's a good sale. I wear jeans by American Eagle Outfitters, Pac Sunwear, and Ann Taylor Loft. :smile:
  2. I wear Target, Walmart ($6.96 tshirts!!!) Anchor Blue (for Jeans) Forever 21, Charlotte Russe
  3. I have a lot of Banana Republic and Express.

    I carry my Coach wristlet everywhere I go... So I guess my clothes brand would range from Banana Republic, BCBG, Express to Nike, Adidas gym clothes.
  4. Victoria's Secret T-Dresses, Bella "man beater" tees:graucho: I.C.E. blouses, levi low waist mini skirts and boot cut jeans, Born boots, Donald Pliner boots & slides, Coach slides and sandals.
  5. Most of my clothes are from Banana Republic, but I'll wear anything that is cute and classy.
  6. J. Crew
  7. Most of the clothes I wear are from Ann Taylor (Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft and Ann Taylor Factory store). I also have a lot from Talbots. My favorite used to be Petite Sophisticate but they went out of business a couple years ago. I stocked up BIG TIME during the clearance sales so I am still cutting tags off things I've had in storage since then - LOL. I can pretty much only wear petites so I am very limited as to where I can shop. :amuse:

    Fun thread! :yes:
  8. I wear mostly Ann Taylor Loft and Ann Taylor clothing.
    I do also purchase stuff at the Gap and Banana Republic.
    My shoes are mostly from Timberland, Born or Birkenstock.
    I like to walk alot so my feet have to be comfortable.
  9. I wear jeans from American Eagle...polos, tees, and such from AE and some from Aeropostale, I have some stuff from Old Navy.

    As far as shoes go, I wear Old Navy flip flops in the warmer months, Uggs in the cooler ones.

    I'm not "fashionable" but I look cute! I guess it's just basic, Midwestern college kid attire. And hey, why distract attention from my gorgeous bag? :yes:
  10. Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft,

    from Canada: Cléo, Jacob
  11. Gap, Banana Republic. Levi jeans; pretty much your basic stay-at-home-mom wardrobe.

    My Miranda (which I decided to keep) is on the dressier side though so I will wear that bag with nice slacks and cashmere sweaters when fall/winter hits.
  12. Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft.
  13. For now all of my bags are Coach, so they get worn with everything!! Most of my clothes are from NY & Company, Gap, Banana Republic, Torrid, American Eagle, Old Navy, Target, and Macy's.
  14. seems that most of us spend a lot more on bags then clothes!
  15. Are you kidding? IF I buy Coach I can't afford clothes! I usually buy from Target and Forever 21 (can't beat 3.80 tight tees in every color! ;)