What brands make coats in very small sizes?

  1. I always have trouble finding wool coats that fit my very small frame The last two coats I bought were a 0 and still too big. I know designer coats run small, but I want to stay under $300.
  2. I'm petite too! I would try stores that carry smaller size clothing like Guess, Bebe, or Cache.
  3. ^^ I have a coat in XS from Bebe that is too big :sad:
  4. Maybe the XXS in BCBG?
  5. I have an express coat in 0 or 2 that fits great. Also try Victoria's Secret.
  6. Benetton and Zara has worked for me, and a XS is huge for me.
  7. mango carries xxs
  8. im also petite...just 5'1
    u can try banana republic..they have 00 in petite too! :p
    or i often buy from zara..they sometimes have in xs
  9. Well I'm petite as well and I brought a Marc New York coat size 2 and it fits really well. Also, I would suggest Via Spiga coats.
  10. JCrew p0 and beneton 38, usually running a little bit smaller
  11. I have something by Coffee Shop, its sold by Nordstroms. Fits great and free sleeve alterations.
  12. If you're as small as I am, you may want to consider buying coats from teen lines/junior departments from places like Nordstrom (I just bought a wool from there for under $100, hopefully it fits!) which are generally cut a bit smaller. For me Bebe is also way too big and P00 from Banana Republic is still a bit roomy. Alas, I still don't have a classic wool peacoat after all these years.

    What sizes I have found that fit: P0 from J Crew & XXS/00 from BCBG. But, their selection for this particular size is very limited, so you may or may not have luck there.
  13. i'm pretty teeny (sz 23/00) and xs in soia &kyo was just a little bit big - still wearable with winter clothing underneath.
  14. I'm tiny too and so far the coats that fit me the best is from Benetton. but the other day I bought this houndstooth coat from the petite section at Nordstrom, and it fits like a glove!!! I'm so happy!
  15. I also have trouble finding coats that fit me well..I had to search high and low to find the PERFECT wool coat! Surprisingly, mine is from Benetton and it is the perfect fit for my petite frame. I also have tons of coats from H&M in size 2 that fit wonderfully. Good luck! :tup: