What brands have you had great CS with?

  1. To make up for my bad karma from griping about Kooba's cruddy CS, and because I'm looking for new bag makers, I'd love to hear everyone's rants about actual manufacturers/designers (not retail stores). If you've had to send something back because it broke, was defective, came unsewn, who took care of it quickly and without a lot of crap?

    Who has Nordstrom quality customer service?

    So far I'm impressed with HH, and they'll go at the top of my list of nice bags that don't cost a ton (and aren't being copied all over).
  2. Cole Haan! I was looking for a wallet and I sent a pic to Cole Haan CS and the next day I received a call from them telling me that it was located at one of the outlets. I ordered it via telephone and it was as beautiful as I imagined. I carried it for awhile and a tassell fell off so I called them again and they had me send it to their restoration department. I haven't received it back yet so we'll see what happens.
  3. Hayden Harnett - salina really makes an effort to answer my question and address my concerns in a timely manner.
  4. :tup: I bought my Choo Marcia from them and the SA was the best! She brought out everything they had from the back to make my Choo choice easier. I wasn't dressed the best, but she helped me as if I was draped in $$$$$$. You never know who's behind the outfit. :graucho:
  5. I have to agree that Nordstrom's offers great CS in all their departments. Mary is best at S.F's Stonestown!
  6. In the US-hands down it's Nordstrom-I think they put every major dept. store to shame. :heart: Now, Salina was great individually for helpfulness at HH...but the rest of the mail people etc. mess up a lot with your orders.

    Without a doubt, Jackie at Belen Echandia, goes above and beyond for keeping in touch and answering questions etc. about the BE bags from London! She has been fabulous to work with and considering that she is the owner it's amazing that she takes the time to help out with EVERY customer! :yes:
  7. Aha - exactly what I was looking for! Do you have contact info for the BE people in the US? GORGEOUS bags!
  8. Just wanted to say I was impressed with Alison van der lande. The morning I ordered my bag i phoned them to ask a few questions - they were v informed and helpful but also apologetic because their computers were down and had not at that point received my on-line order and payment. They took my details, said they'd phone if there were further problems but the next morning the bag arrived!!! V quick service and helpful on the phone.